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PrimeArray: Leading the Charge Against Scratches with AI-Powered Error Correction

Scratched/ damaged optical discs - data loss headaches …Maybe a thing of the past thanks to artificial intelligenceFor years, the sight of a scratched disc has instilled dread, conjuring fears of lost memories and irreplaceable data. But what if that fear could become a thing of the past? Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI),
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To get the most out of your PrimeArray NAS server

Configure RAID for data redundancy: Set up RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) to protect your data from drive failures. RAID creates a redundant copy of your data across multiple drives, ensuring data integrity even if one or more drives fail. The RAID Array also helps you group large capacity hard drives together shown as one large volume
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Comparison of 30.7TB SSD U.2 Drive, P5336 61TB and Regular HDD 22TB

The amount of data that we create and store is growing exponentially. In just a few years, the world's data is expected to reach 180 zettabytes. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the increasing popularity of cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the rise of big data analytics.To meet the demands of th
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PrimeArray Systems offers digital media transfers

Does your business or organization have a media collection, do you wish for one central location for easy access, backing up, and space savings? , if so we want to hear from you! PrimeArray specializes in optical media solutions and products such as data migration, disc duplication, and media restoration. PrimeArray can help you transfer your data
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How OptiNAND Can Enhance PrimeArray Products

OptiNAND is a new technology that combines the best features of traditional hard drives and flash memory. This makes OptiNAND drives more reliable, faster, and more energy-efficient than traditional hard drives.OptiNAND integrates a small amount of NAND flash memory directly onto the PCB of a hard drive. This NAND flash memory is used to store firm
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The History of the Optical Drive and How Primearray Systems Uses Each Enhancement

The optical drive is a device that uses a laser to read and write data to optical discs. Optical discs are made of a material that reflects light in a way that allows the laser to read the data. The first optical drives were developed in the late 1970s, and they were initially used to store audio data. In the 1980s, optical drives began to be used
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The Future of Data Storage Products for NAS Storage

The amount of data that is being generated and stored is growing exponentially. In 2020, the world generated 463 exabytes of data, and that number is expected to reach 181 zettabytes by 2025. This growth in data is putting a strain on traditional data storage methods, and businesses are looking for new ways to store and manage their data.NAS storag
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Addonics Technologies Ceases Operations in USA, PrimeArray Offers Alternative Solutions

Addonics Technologies, a leading manufacturer of storage products for servers and workstations, has ceased operations in USA. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2022 and its assets were sold to a new owner. It is unclear if the new owner will continue to manufacture Addonics products.This is a blow to many Addonics customers, who have come to rely
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30TB and Beyond—How Dual Actuators Can Help Make High-Capacity, High-Performance Hard Drives Possible

Dual actuators can enhance NAS storage with PrimeArray systems in a number of ways. First, they can help to increase the performance of NAS storage by allowing it to read and write data from two different areas of the platters simultaneously. This can significantly increase the throughput of the NAS storage, as it can process two requests at once.
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PrimeArray Media Server

PrimeArray Media Server: The Perfect Solution for Enterprise BusinessesPrimeArray is a leading provider of high-quality media servers for enterprise businesses. Our products are designed to provide you with the most efficient and reliable way to store, share, and stream your media files.Whether you're a small business with a few employees or a larg
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New Technology Featuring Optical Media and Disc Drives with PrimeArray

Optical media and disc drives are still a popular choice for storing and sharing data, despite the rise of other storage technologies such as solid-state drives (SSDs) and cloud storage. This is because optical media and disc drives offer a number of advantages over other storage technologies, including: Durability: Optical media and disc dri
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Enterprise NAS Solutions

Enterprise NAS Solutions: Highlighting New Technology with PrimeArray ProductsNetwork Attached Storage (NAS) is a file-based storage server that is connected to a local area network (LAN). NAS devices are typically used to store and share files, but they can also be used for a variety of other tasks, such as hosting websites, backing up data, a
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Disc migration and media imaging services

PrimeArray disc migration and media imaging services are a type of data migration service that specializes in transferring data from one type of storage media to another. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as when you need to upgrade your storage hardware, when you need to recover data from damaged or lost media, or when you need to
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Utilize Blu-ray for cold storage backups

Did you know that some leading technology companies Like Facebook utilize Blu-ray for cold storage backups? Primearray quick facts:A BLU-RAY DBXL can hold up to 125GB a discMDISC lifespan (rated an estimated) is 1000 years Zero power usage to maintain that backupPrimeArray Maxtet product can support up to (12) BDXL readers and writers all
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Forensic Workstations / Forensic Loaders

Did you know PrimeArray systems products have been helping our Law enforcement agencies from small to large streamline their digital forensics gatherings for decades?  Our products make extracting evidence from various media formats easy!PrimeArray Maxtet Media loaders - Is Digital For
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Data Centers in space or on the Moon?

Running a data center on earth has its challenges we all know. We challenge to deal with like electricity, heat, clean rooms, air conditioning, and humidity.How would these electronics be fair in such different environments? Like in Space or on the Moon. For the time being PrimeArray has you covered here on planet Earth but let’s explore the
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Media Migration Service from PrimeArray Disc Data Migration DVD CD Ripping Services!

Data migration, ripping, archiving, and rip are terms for extracting the data from your media and placing them as digital files on a hard disc. Rip, ripping, archiving discs, and data migration to other media is a great way to not only reduce the physical size of your discs or media, but also help ensure the safety of your data for future use. A le
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PrimeArray wishes happy New year 2023

PrimeArray wishes you Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and a blast of New Year 2023We are just a few days away from ending this year 2022 and very close to welcoming a new year, 2023. This past year has been great for PrimeArray, thanks to all our team members, customers, and suppliers, without whom we would not have continued to reap success and j
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8K Films and Data Management

As video quality grows PrimeArray storage systems have your back, allowing for easy storage of massive pixelsWhat is 8K TV-8K resolution is a resolution that goes beyond 4K. Specifically it’s a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which adds up to 8,000,000 pixels. The resolution is high enough to produce a very detailed image, but it’s also
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Free data migrations with Purchase of PrimeArray storage device.

Purchase or upgrade ANY NAS storage device and PrimeArray's technicians will help you migrate your data, permissions, shares, folders, access rights swapping of the IP addresses server names / mapped drives all for FREE.PrimeArray NAS is relatively easy to set upSetting up a PrimeArray NAS is relatively easy — it does not require much more tech k
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Cloud storage vs Local on-premises servers

Enterprise storage solutions comparisonWHAT IS CLOUD STORAGE? Cloud storage means your files are stored on external servers, typically managed by another company. WHAT IS ON-PREMISES LOCAL STORAGE?“On-premises storage” is when data is stored on local hardware, such as servers, computers, or other devices. For example, if you pu
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Specialized data migrations services

Did you know PrimeArray systems specializes in data migrations services!It is true even from our early days our first product was a product designed to transfer data from media sources to a storage device for easy access redundancy rapid accessibility.Of course PrimeArray specializes in the most common pieces of media of optical discs / like data
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HDD Magic

According to PrimeArray, In ten years, we have gone from 2TB HDDs, using 5 platters, to cramming 2TB onto just a single platter. Some say it’s magic–we say it’s innovation. Here’s a look inside the magician’s hat at 18TB and 20TB HDDs.Ten years ago, the biggest hard drive you could purchase was a 2TB beast that contained five spinning dis
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USB is the BOSS of all Connectors

Although PrimeArray systems is an expert and have made devices with lots of various connectors throughout the years such as SCSI 1 SCSI 2 SCSI 3, E-SATA - Firewire. Our go to for now and has been the most flexible is our USB connected devices. We couldn't be happier with the boss connector that is widely accepted everywhere!Pictured above Prim
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Could The 1 TB inexpensive optical disc be in the near future?

Signs point to yes!A new startup wants to tackle Blu-ray, tape with an inexpensive 1TB optical disc!Folio Photonics claims to have “economically viable enterprise-scale optical storage drives with dynamic multi-layer read/write capabilities,” providing a dramatic improvement in cost per capacity.Today’s archival discs only have three optical
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DVD copy migration and Media services

Do you need DVDs migrated really quickly? We can have them ready in no time. PrimeArray systems specialize in media migrations / DVD copies from small to large.(DVD copy migration  media services)This week PrimeArray’s Technicians imaged over ten thousand discs and transformed this pile of thousand into something smaller than a common wallet
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CD Server

Servers Built to Order - The CD DVD Server is made to your requirements. Just tell us the number of discs you need to share and we will select the right processor and storage. You can also choose a rack or desktop cabinet.PrimeArray Systems manufactures the most cutting-edge optical media server in the world! PrimeArray CD/DVD servers are "v
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What is a media server? A peek under the hood of the Arraystor

PrimeArray often gets this question what is a media server what is a CD DVD NAS server?PrimeArray systems has been manufacturing for decades enterprise grade (network attached storage) NAS system with its unique feature of automatically imaging media upon inserting into the derive. When completed placing the imaged media on a share for easy net
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Advantage of adding PrimeArray NAS to your cloud infrastructure

It’s for sure that public clouds bring many benefits to individuals and businesses such as no hardware maintenance and very high resiliency, but they’re not flawless. With PrimeArray NAS added as a storage gateway to form a hybrid cloud environment, you can mitigate some of the shortfalls while maintaining a productive and cost-efficient c
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PrimeArray DVD / CD Ripping

Backing up your optical media has never been easier than today, the PrimeArray Maxtet 3.0 USB / CD/ DVD ripping system will help you to do that very easily. It has no limits on the number of pieces of media you can back up or the size of the media, which makes it the most extensive option out there for a professional media loader device.Have a
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What is the difference between NAS or DAS

Why not get both by using a Thunderbolt 3 or USB C to 10GB ! Let PrimeArray explainA thunderbolt 3 connection can rock the speedometer to 40Gbps!In the storage world you may commonly hear the term NAS or DAS. These terms are simple reference to - network attached storage or direct attached storage. The “NAS” storage relies on your network,
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Your CD and DVD backup disks won't last forever. Back them up before it’s too late

The digital age has transformed the way we handle information. Never before could humankind record and store so much information and in such diversity. While the amount of data has increased exponentially, the predicted lifespan of the storage media hardly exceeds the lifetime of a human. Your CDs and DVDs are plastic, but they may or may not
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Optical Disc Drives are back in the year 2022

Pioneer leading the way with enhanced optical disc drive availablePioneer’s newest optical disc drive doesn’t just play Blu-rays, but can burn large-scale discs too. According to its Japanese website (via Tom’s Hardware), the BDR-213JBK is capable of 16x speed recording on single and double layer BD-R disks (up to 50GB) and 14x speed rec
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PrimeArray NAS storage Vs cloud

NAS StorageFor businesses that want complete control over the data in their vault, NAS drives provide a different approach for backups. A NAS is a system that controls one or more hard drives. Only people given permission by the admin can access this backup server.PrimeArray NAS storage is rapidly gaining popularity as an effective, scalable,
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Western Digital Announces 22TB and 26TB HDDs

Create your own private cloud With PrimeArray!PrimeArray Partner Western Digital is announcing the sampling and introduction of its new 22TB CMR and 26TB SMR hard drives. These massive single hard drives (which are extremely reliable) allow PrimeArray to pack a serious storage punch inside a small unit. A (4) drive Storage array can now accomm
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PrimeArray quad-layer 128 GB write-once BDXL

PrimeArray monster BDXL disc, opening the way for manufacturers to start introducing the technology in their optical drives. Not too much here that we don't already know: aimed at institutions and folks who need to archive lots and lots of... stuff, BDXL discs are available in either triple layer 100GB (re-writable or write-once) or 128GB quad
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Thin Provisioning on your PrimeArray NAS Drive

Thin provisioning refers to allocating data on-demand, which means that volume consumes a small amount of storage and increases as more data is written to disk. So thin provisioning sometimes is known as just-in-time capacity or over allocation. To put it in another way, thin provisioning allocates storage space that may or may not exist. The
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ssd cache in NAS

SSD is a complete game changer compared with traditional hard drives. As the cost-per-GB of SSDs decreases and storage capacity increases, there’s never been a better time to build an SSD/HDD hybrid storage structure to maximize the benefits of optimized data efficiency and storage costs. An SSD cache is a way of obtaining faster storage, re
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Best Media Server

PrimeArray produces the best media server in the world which is having a dedicated server running applications that store and share multimedia files (text, graphics, video, audio…etc.) on demand. PrimeArray media server have network access with suitable bandwidth for the sharing and saving of media. PrimeArray have the best media server soft
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Server Backup Company

Is your business or organizations backup’s up to today’s standards?Have you simulated and actual restore?Did you know that remote cloud storage  providers struggle with giving their customers the bandwidth they need during a backup and/or restore?With the enhancements in today’s technology the hard drive is larger than ever (20TB) incr
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Media Migration Service

We rip (migrate) DVDs , USB devices and CDs and transfer to high quality digital files as an easy to use service.DVD transfer, Media transfer. PrimeArray accepts all media formats, including DVDs , CDs , USB devices , Blu-ray, zip disks , jaz disks ,etcDoes your company or organization have these items above? Did you know that media act
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Data Migration Service

Data Migration ServiceData Migration is the changes in data between storage types, formats, or software systems. It should be a key consideration for any system implementation, rise or consolidation. In an ideal world, it would be performed programmatically to make an automated migration. The fact is that migration experts are the most important pa
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What is PrimeArray Media Servers?

What Does Media Server Mean?A media server is a dedicated hardware that is responsible for providing data on demand. A media server is a device that stores and shares media. It is responsible for hardware as well as software aspects of successful storing and retrieval as well as sharing of media files and data. A media server can be any device
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What is RAID

What is RAID?RAID or redundant array of independent disks is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for data redundancy, performance improvement, or both. With RAID enabled on a storage system you can connect two or more drives in the system so they act as on
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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS) and why is NAS Important for Small Businesses?

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS) and why is NAS Important for Small Businesses?It’s true that Data is a critical asset for every companiesFrom home offices and small to mid-sized teams to big businesses and enterprise workloads, Archive, store, and share mission-critical content across teams is very important.Without access to the data, com
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SSD / Flash media

Solid State Drive (SSD) has come a long way over the past several years. Gigabyte has made leaps and bounce improvement that SSD now becomes very affordable. Capacity of SSD has also grown many folds that it has becomes the primary storage in almost all portable computers, smart phones and many electronic devices. Due to the limited READ and WRITE
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What Is NAS?

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)? All businesses and organizations, at some level, require a reliable and efficient data storage system. Hospitals must keep track of large databases, patient info & training media. Schools and universities require a secu
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Disc Loaders & Servers

DVD & CD-ROM Servers: How They Work Disc servers provide a simple way to store and access CD/DVD-ROM data & media libraries. First, select the DVD/CD's that you'd like stored. If you're in the majority, you most likely have already chosen
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Enterprise Data Storage

Enterprise Data Storage: Decision Making Process When organizations reach the enterprise level, sufficient data storage is always an obstacle no matter the sector or industry. All enterprise level businesses require high level data storage solutions. As businesses
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Media Server Capabilities

Media Server Setup NAS Media Servers are used at any level between enterprise and home use. Businesses and individuals share the common need for data storage systems that can hold large media files. Media servers provide the ability to store, share and access; photos, music & video files at
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Media Server Setup Process

Choosing Media Servers Choosing the right media server is easy with help from PrimeArray Systems. Our experts will guide you through all the complications to make sure you have the right products for your media server requirements. We work with clients and customers on a daily basis to discover their priorities and
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Choosing The Right Media Servers

Choosing Media Servers Choosing the right media server is easy with help from PrimeArray Systems. Our experts will guide you through all the complications to make sure you have the right products for your media server requirements. We work with clients and customers on a daily basis to discov
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Enterprise Data Storage Devices With A Purpose: Customized Server Solutions

Businesses & Corporate Enterprises rely on data storage devices like NAS (Network Attached Storage), Cloud Storage, iSCSI, SAN (Storage Area Networks) & more. Depending on the current or desired data storage infrastructure, as well as the utility of each storage device, IT professionals make educated decisions on what device type works best
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Digital Forensics

Overview For computer forensics acquisition & imaging, look no further than PrimeArray Systems for your personalized digital forensic workstation. Forensic hardware can be hard to come by, especially if you require very specific capabilities for your digital forensics investigations. Our units are designed specifically to gather, preserve & anal
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NAS vs SAN: The Differences & Similarities

To understand the difference between NAS (Network Attached Storage) & SAN (Storage Area Network), we must understand their individual structure and uses. What is NAS? Network Attached Storage is a centralized location where you can store, share and access data from all of the devices on your network. Simply put, a NAS is a storage device
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