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DVD Network Storage – For Storing and Sharing up to 4,000 CDs or 1,000 DVDs

The ServStation is PrimeArray’s entry-level, network-attached CD/DVD server. This is the data storage server organizations turn to for fast, simplified access to CD/DVD-based information across the network. CD/DVD sharing has never been easier.

Features and Benefits of the ServStation CD and DVD Server

BENEFIT: Your CDs and DVDs are organized, safe, and easy to access by anyone on the network.

FEATURE: This CD/DVD data storage server is ideal for CD/DVD collections ranging from a handful of discs all the way up to thousands of CDs or DVDs (or a mix of both). You get a greater breadth of capacity than a cd jukebox in the size of a breadbox (or desktop tower or rack – depending on your requirements).

BENEFIT: Access speeds are far faster than a traditional CD/DVD server tower or dvd jukebox where the discs must be in the tower in order to work.

FEATURE: By imaging the CD/DVDs to a hard disc drive, the server can hold many more titles and provide faster access. CD/DVD towers or jukeboxes cannot approach this level of service or value. The system automatically saves an exact image of the disc, then creates a folder for the contents and shares those out to users on the network.

BENEFIT: People can work faster and more productively.

FEATURE: By imaging the CD/DVDs to a hard disc drive, more users can be supported and multiple discs can be accessed simultaneously.

Any authorized user on your network can access CD and DVD information from the server without the need for proprietary client software. The information that users need is centrally located at their fingertips and accessible in familiar ways, such as a share viewable via Network Neighborhood or as a mapped drive off their desktop. No need to go searching for elusive CDs, and no additional training is required.

BENEFIT: Because it’s network attached it doesn’t have to be located next to a server in a computer room.

FEATURE: The system attaches directly to the Ethernet network. Simply connect it to your network, enter an IP address, and use its built-in reader to capture CD/DVD images. You are up and running in minutes. Users see (and read or search) the contents of each disc as with a network file server.
Unlike SCSI attached towers, it doesn’t require a server to host it. You save by either freeing up an existing server or avoiding having to purchase a server and server network license. Place it near the users who have CDs or DVDs they need to share.

BENEFIT: Lets you share discs that otherwise have to be in a local reader drive to work.

FEATURE: Some CDs/DVDs will not work unless they are physically in the local disc drive. This restriction prevents all towers, jukeboxes and most CD/DVD servers from being able to share these titles. However, this PrimeArray system includes unique emulation software to circumvent this restriction by creating a virtual drive locally on the workstation. To applications it appears the disc is in a local optical drive when in fact the disc is shared via the server.

BENEFIT: Lets you centrally manage and categorize shared discs for your end users

FEATURE: The Content Manager utility will find all CD/DVD servers DVD ROM Server , DVD SERVER , Media server , DVDROM server, Blu-ray Server, USB Server, on your network and list all available discs to be shared. You simply drag-n-drop disc images into shareable, categorized folders that you create. These folders can then be viewed by end user PCs via the Content Client. The end user simply clicks on a specific disc image and views the contained data or runs an executable program.

BENEFIT: Gives users instant access to new information.

FEATURE: The content of subscription based media changes on a regular basis often monthly. Every time a new subscription arrives you simply click on the disc title in the administration utility, insert the disc into the PrimeArray CD/DVD server’s optical drive and it automatically uploads and replaces the outdated disc while maintaining user access rights.

BENEFIT: Dedicate specific drives for image caching and others (i.e. copy protected) for direct access.

FEATURE: Mirror mode: Simply insert a disc and it is automatically cached to the hard drive.
Direct Access Mode: The inserted disc is not cached to the hard drive – it is immediately available for viewing and searching.

BENEFIT: Increase data access speed, create larger data volumes, and protect your data.

FEATURE: The server comes with the ability to configure its multiple hard drive systems with a RAID 0 or 1 array. RAID 0 increases data access speed and enables the creation of a maximum sized data volume. RAID 1 mirrors one hard drive disc to another for data protection in the case of a drive failure. In the unlikely event of a hard drive failure, RAID 1 data is protected and the manpower invested in building your digital library is preserved.

CD Server, DVD Server, CD DVD Server DVD ROM Server , DVD SERVER , Media server , DVDROM server, Blu-ray Server, USB Server

BENEFIT: Add capacity as your CD/DVD library grows.

FEATURE: Hard disk capacity can start as small as 160 GB and be upgraded to 4 TB within a single system.

BENEFIT: Modify CD/DVD management, security, and network settings remotely from anywhere on the network.

FEATURE: You can modify all management, security and network settings remotely from anywhere on the network using a secure interface. Setup and administration of the system is accomplished via a web-based management console. Via a browser, administrators can manage such tasks as:

  • Initial system setup including environment settings, language and date/time preferences, UPS connectivity and administrative password management
  • A back-lit LCD display with push-buttons for IP setting and system status / event indication.
  • Dual-color LEDs for indicating Power/Fault, LAN activity, LAN link/speed and device activity.
  • Network configuration including Active Directory integration
  • Hard drive initialization and volume creation and management
  • Manual and scheduled disk-scanning on selected hard disks or RAID groups
  • Security and ACL configuration
  • Disk caching rules and recording options
  • Backups, firmware upgrades, and virus pattern upgrades
  • Perform shutdowns, restarts and resets
  • Monitor all on-going and scheduled tasks
  • S.M.A.R.T. hard disk monitoring

BENEFIT: Boost throughput, or use one interface as a failover for higher reliability.

FEATURE: Every server comes with two 10/100/1000 Ethernet network interfaces. These can be teamed to boost throughput if connected to the same LAN. One interface can be used as a fail-over for the other, giving higher reliability. Or each connection could go to a different LAN allowing the same discs to be shared between two groups. Optionally, a third Gigabit (10/100/1000) Network Interface card (fibre or wire) can be added.

BENEFIT: No need to reconfigure what you already have.

FEATURE: Any PC, UNIX or Mac workstation on the network can access this network CD server, DVD ROM Server , DVD SERVER , Media server , DVDROM server, Blu-ray Server, USB Server. This makes it an ideal central repository of information accessible to those who need it. This networked attached storage device supports Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/Vista,Win8,Win10,2008,2012 Mac OS 9.x/OS X, NFS capable Unix/Linux systems, and Novell over IPX.

BENEFIT: Alerts you to viruses, working in real-time or during scheduled intervals.

FEATURE: The integrated Trend Micro antivirus software is the best-of-breed security product that delivers reliable antivirus protection. Works in real-time or during scheduled intervals. Updated virus pattern files can be automatically downloaded from Trend Micro and installed if the CD server , DVD ROM Server , DVD SERVER , Media server , DVDROM server, Blu-ray Server, USB Server ,has Internet access. Features include:

  • Real-time, scheduled, or disable virus scanning
  • Automatic virus pattern updates over internet or via file upload
  • Alert when virus pattern out of date
  • Alert when virus detected
  • Quarantine infected files
  • Exclude/include files to scan using extensions
  • Scans compressed files

BENEFIT Notifications and detailed logging ensure accurate and quick notification of events.

FEATURE: System status may be monitored using multiple notification methods:

  • Status monitoring options include email alerts, audible alarms, LCD console messages, event logging and more.
  • Environmental monitoring options available for CPU / System temperature, CPU / System voltage and CPU fan status.
  • Detailed System, Device and Security logs

BENEFIT Backup and archiving all your CD/DVD data is a snap!


  • One year parts and labor
  • Extended warranty and service plans available
  • More information on the PrimeArray warranty

Pricing: PrimeArray's systems are competitively priced and deliver great value. As every system is configured to meet the customer's requirements, the price varies depending on the configuration. Please contact us to receive a prompt price quote.