NAS (Network Attached Storage) & media servers are a popular solution for media storage, streaming and accessing media of any kind. Businesses and individuals often have large libraries of media, whether it’s DVD’s, CD’s or digital files. By utilizing media servers, organizations and home users have access to their media library and can store/access files securely and swiftly. NAS media servers are comparable to cloud storage, but are much faster and efficient with backups and data synchronization.

PrimeArray offers a wide range of media servers which are ready to go, easy to set up, data storage devices for all things media. Organizations with high volumes of video, visual assets, audio & digital files make use of media servers by having users and employees store and access data in one centralized location.Corporations have the ability to store and access training videos & important documents on their preferred NAS media server. Individuals have access to their purchased libraries of music, movies, videos & more. PrimeArray media servers have scalable data storage capabilities and are custom made to your media needs. Include additional harddrives, disc trays, encryption & more. All in one media server capabilities, faster and more reliable than cloud storage technology.

PrimeArray Media servers feature the ability to copy any media placed in the server automatically and share to the network as needed. The Server index’s each media inserted on a GUI for easy management. This robust feature on up of an signature enterprise NAS makes for world leading Media Server.

PrimeArray Media Servers

PrimeArray media servers come in different models with various capabilities and storage specifications.

ArrayStor: Media Server & Disc Loader all-in-one device for your media library. Load your media and discs onto the ArrayStor media server to access data in one central location. Commonly used for training videos and storing media libraries. Share, store and access CD/DVD data with the Arraystor media server by PrimeArray Systems.

ServStation: PrimeArray’s entry-level, network-attached CD/DVD server. This is the data storage server organizations turn to for fast, simplified access to CD/DVD-based information across the network. CD/DVD sharing has never been easier.

ProServer: PrimeArray’s versatile network-attached CD/DVD server and loader. Available in tower or rack configurations, this NAS DVD server allows you to quickly load multiple CDs and DVDs, then share them across your network. Unlike old-fashioned CD/DVD towers, these systems are fast, efficient, and economical.

Who Why Use Media Servers?

Home users, Government , organizations, small businesses & corporations can all benefit from NAS media servers. Read about data storage and media server solutions below.

Home Use Media Servers: Home users employ media servers to compile, store & access their DVD/CD libraries on one dedicated network. With third party media server software like Plex Media Player, users can easily view and stream their organized libraries of media, videos & music. Versions of PrimeArray media servers can include a disc loader & NAS server to maximize efficiency when uploading media. Home users can also use media servers to archive and store sensitive data on their tightly secure network. With superior security measures and encryption keys, it’s practically impossible for this data to be compromised.

Law firm / Legal / Courts: Customers use their system primarily for depositions. The depositions are on video, and often need to be shared with attorneys throughout the firm. Because they all have different schedules, trying to share DVDs or CDs does not work. Having the information on their PrimeArray media server system makes the information always accessible, and keeps it from getting lost.

Government: Federal, State and Local governments use PrimeArray products for retaining records, community access, FED LOG and many other uses.

Schools & Libraries: Many libraries need to provide their patrons with access to information that’s stored on CDs and DVDs. PrimeArray’s media server systems make this process easier for the patrons and the library staff.

Healthcare: Healthcare is a data-intensive field with many uses for PrimeArray products. For example, a PrimeArray CD server enables training disks to be online for use whenever or wherever someone needs them. Many X-Ray and MRI machines write output to CDs or DVDs. By putting this information online, doctors and specialists can access and review it.