PrimeArray offers dedicated, personal support to ensure that customers maximize their value from our systems. We stand by our products and go way beyond the industry acceptable standards for customer support. PrimeArray does not charge for support plans and does not charge per incident - its always FREE - for the life of your purchased system. Rest assured, you have a partner - and peace of mind - when you buy from PrimeArray.

"I simply must let you know my appreciation for the exemplary service I received during my recent contacts with your support center. What impressed me the most was the friendly and courteous demeanor, keeping the utmost professionalism at all times. Service like this is rare in business these days and I do not want my appreciation to go unstated."

Andrea Vanderberg
Client Technology Analyst
City of Chesapeake, VA

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How to Reach Support

Please include your product's serial number when you contact us.
By phone: 978-455-9488
Online: Use our support form