FlexNAS: Pure Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Flexible Storage Solutions

12 Gb SATA /SAS NAS Subsystem

Models include:2U 8-BAY , 2U 12-BAY , 3U 16-BAY

The FlexNAS network attached storage device offers the high performance you need for demanding data storage applications. It’s equally at home performing remote office backups to your central system or storing data for server or workstation backup, video capture, email archives, or any general data backup.

PrimeArray network attached storage devices offer from 16TB up to as much as 500TB of modular, RAID protected storage with dual 10GB network connections and integrated virus protection at an affordable price.

Except for basic NAS functions, The FlexNAS supports a variety of advanced storage management and application features such as VAAI, HA, Thin Provisioning, etc, and it can be deployed easily in any IT environment since it supports multiple interfaces for different host server and clients. For data protection, FlexNAS supports RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60 mode, and drives can be set hot spares, have automatically hot rebuilding and online capacity expansion within the enclosure. FlexNAS has a fully-featured backup solution including manual or scheduled backup for file, folder, and shares, and it can be backup and restore from multiple local or remote devices. And there are volume clone, snapshot, remote replication, and data copy for options, which are all designed to ensure and enhance your precious data.

Account Manager support NIS Android/iOS mobile APP for monitoring  Backup to Cloud (Amazon S3) Backup/Restore from attached storage (USB/eSATA/iSCSI/RDX/USM)

  • Backup/Restore from remote share (CIFS/NFS)
  • Bonjour Protocol, easily connect to NAS
  • Compression (Support on ZFS file system)
  • Central data and storage management
  • Data backup via backup plan/schedule
  • Data copy (1:1)
  • Deduplication (Support on ZFS file system)
  • EXT4 support extends over 16TB
  • iSCSI/share volume replication
  • ISO mount
  • Latest volume snapshot technology
  • Local and external account management, support large account import
  • Online expansion file system
  • Plug-in management
  • Select share or file for backup/restore
  • Share management and permission (support ACL setting)
  • Support Internet Gateway
  • Support iSCSI target for IP SAN
  • Support iSCSI initiator
  • Support iSCSI multi-host
  • Support e-mail notification, SNMP Trap/MIB, and system log
  • System configuration backup/restore
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Volume Clone (EXT3/EXT4/XFS/NTFS/VMFS/ZFS)
  • Volume replication to enhance data protection
  • VMware ESXi 5 iSCSI/NFS VAAI support
  • Wizard-oriented GUI design
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) support CIFS