PrimeArray Data Storage Products

Businesses of all kinds depend on data — data that is accessible to those who need it, when they need it. PrimeArray offers several CD and DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage products that make data easy to access and easy to manage:

  • CD DVD Servers and Loaders

    CD & DVD Servers and Loaders

    — Ideal for storing, sharing, managing and / or loading thousands of CDs or DVDs. Hard disk caching enables fast access to the data by multiple users — simultaneously.
  • NAS Systems

    NAS Systems

    — affordable network attached storage (NAS) systems that are 100% dedicated to serving files over a network. The ideal choice for organizations looking for a simple and cost-effective way to achieve fast data access for multiple clients at the file level (Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).
  • iSCSI Storage

    iSCSI Storage

    — low cost, high performance and dedicated storage area network (SAN) solutions provide a way for multiple servers to share access to block-level storage over an IP network. The perfect option for organizations looking to expand storage capacity, data protection and business continuity.
  • CD DVD Duplicators

    CD & DVD Duplicators

    — duplicate multiple CDs and DVDs quickly and accurately. Supports automatic format detection and offers verify and test options to ensure accurate reproductions. Duplicate CD/DVD libraries entirely with DupliCore by PrimeArray.
CD/DVD Servers or Loaders CD/DVD
ServStation ProServ MaxTet NetServ Duplicore FlexNAS AutoStor
CD/DVD Storage    
General File Storage        
RAID / Hot Swap        
CD Capacity1 1-4,0002 1-4,0002 1-12 1-4,0002 500 N/A N/A
DVD Capacity1 1-1,0002 1-1,0002 1-12 3,0002 60 N/A N/A
Raw Data Capacity 4 TB 4 TB N/A 16.0 TB 250 GB 16.0 TB 16.0 TB3
Direct Network Attach    
Hard Disk Caching   N/A
Optical Drives 1-2 3-8 1-12 1-2 1-10 0-1 0
Enclosure (tower or rack) R, T R, T T R, T T R, T R
  1. CD/DVD Capacity - Average CD-ROM contains 500 MB of data. Average single layer DVD contains 4 GB of data. Average dual layer DVD contains 8 GB of data.
  2. Approximate image capacity
  3. Can be expanded to a total capacity of 96 TB