The APEX Forensic Direct Attached Tower (DAT) is a versatile and powerful tool for forensic imaging. It allows customers to select the specific inputs they need, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The APEX tower is available with a variety of inputs, including SATA, SAS, IDE, USB, and FireWire. It also supports a variety of RAID configurations. This makes it possible to connect to just about any type of storage device, making it ideal for imaging a wide range of digital evidence.

The APEX tower is also equipped with a powerful processor and is plugin and play requiring only (1) USB connection to host workstation. This ensures that it can quickly and efficiently process even the largest data sets. It also features a built-in write blocker, which helps to ensure the integrity of the evidence being imaged.

The APEX Forensic Direct Attached Tower is a valuable tool for any organization that needs to perform forensic imaging. It is versatile, powerful, and easy to use. It is also backed by a comprehensive warranty.

All APEX systems are built to customer’s requirements allowing your evidence technicians to select their desired inputs based upon their needs small to large.

  • APEX Forensic Direct Attached Tower Data Sheet