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Large and small organizations use our CD/DVD servers and loaders, CD/DVD duplicators, iSCSI storage systems, and network attached storage (NAS) products for affordable data storage and streamlined information sharing.

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I simply must let you know my appreciation for the exemplary service I received during my recent contacts with your support center. What impressed me the most was the friendly and courteous demeanor, keeping the utmost professionalism at all times. Service like this is rare in business these days and I do not want my appreciation to go unstated.” Andrea Vanderberg Client Technology Analyst City of Chesapeake, VA

Andrea Vanderberg

Client Technology Analyst City of Chesapeake, VA


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Recent News

MAXTET ONE introduction

       PrimeArray systems Inc. is happy to announce its Maxtet ONE product. The PrimeArray Maxtet series has stood the test of time and seen many revelations and upgrades from SCSI devices to E-SATA and many forms of USB. The Maxtet is a simple effective way to latch an optical drive with great accessibility speeds to any workstation or server.All our Maxtet systems include our signature copying software package. The software is designed to work in combination with the hardware to easily extract media upon inserting a preset task with the data and then ejected it. The software and hardware combination allows operators to easily extract media and get that data off such media and bring it tothe bring destination. An example could be a hospital that must get an X-RAY image immediately from a doctor in Hawaii. The new MAXTET ONE is a “single” drive unit. It offers great connectivity and features of its brother systems like the 5, 9, and 12 optical drive towers but in a smaller compact shell and comes with the signature software. This MAXTET ONE is designed to be an affordable option for clients and prospects who need these features but have a limited number of media to ingest and be budget-friendly. The MAXTET ONE requires a little footprint and is very powerful friendly little to no maintenance required. Plug-and-play. It offers a full-size high-speed optical drive in a small footprint. “We are excited that our MAXTET ONE gives us the capabilities to put the powerhouse Maxtet solution and software in the hands of anybody who could use it”  -Michael Bridgett * Production managerThe Maxtet one will be available immediately and soon be available at common e-commerce stores like Amazon. 
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PrimeArray Maxtet 3.0 - July 2022

PrimeArray Maxtet USB 3.0 Optical Drive Tower and DVD Ripping System are coming up with a more customizable version with optional Maxtet accessories including Multi-card reader with different card sizes and SD card reader which supports varieties of media types along with its basic features like DVD Ripping. The New customizable version of Maxtet 3.0 will support variety of media types which include       ·        Slot 1: Compact Flash I, Compact Flash II, CF Extreme, CF Extreme III, CF Extreme IV, Micro Drive·        Slot 2: MS, High Speed Memory Stick (HS MS), MS PRO, MS PRO-HG, Memory Stick XC, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO Duo Mark2, MS PRO-HG, MS PRO-HG Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo HX, MS Micro, MS PRO Micro, MS-HG Micro, MS XC-HG Micro, M2·        Slot 3: XD, XD type M, XD type H Slot 4: Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDHC Ultra, T-Flash Slot 5: SD, SD Ultra, SD High Capacity (SDHC), SD Ultra, SDHC Ultra, SDXC, SDXC Ultra, MMC, mini SD, MMC mobile, RS-MM Essentially the PrimeArray Maxtet 3.0 is a directly attached extension to your server or workstation allowing you to have pre-defined input/output devices -  optical drives, USB slots, and media slots. Customizable for your needs.  One cable to host and you will have access to tremendous multimedia power!PrimeArray Maxtet 3.0 is the only system on the market to have an independent USB controller that will allow for a stable USB connection and maximum speeds across each device connected, designed exclusively to work with removable media. Maxtet includes PrimeArray’s signature software that converts any desktop into an optical disc loader system. Any disc or storage device placed into the maxtet can be copied, automatically to any target location including network shares, and indexed with no user actions.For more information visit
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PrimeArray Media Migration Service - June 2022

We rip (migrate) DVDs , USB devices and CDs and transfer to high quality digital files as an easy to use service.DVD transfer, Media transfer. PrimeArray accepts all media formats, including DVDs , CDs , USB devices , Blu-ray, zip disks , jaz disks ,etcDoes your company or organization have these items above? Did you know that media actually has a shelf life and can start to deteriorate after a number of years? Did you know with the enhancements with technology that we can place a large collection of media on a very small device?Did you know that once you extract this media place on a newer storage device you can access it hundreds of times faster?PrimeArray system specializes in optical media solutions and offers extremely high quality for an affordable price media migrations. A media migration might be the right solution for your company!Ensure you’re complying with your industry regulations on data retention and format Keeping your company’s data in a secure, current format is a time-consuming and strenuous task. In addition, a host of regulations require the creation and storage of numerous types of records for set lengths of time in specific formats under strict security parameters.PrimeArray Media Migration Services migrates media back to file and folder state and indexes it, based upon your requirements. We can add appropriate formats and encrypts it without interrupting your everyday data backup practice —without stretching your staff and budget.Design an appropriate data protection and retention process to mitigate risk.The data you may need to gather to satisfy an audit or litigation request may reside in many different locations and in multiple media formats spanning decades. And producing that data in the right format in a timely manner can be a daunting task.By using PrimeArray Media Migration Services, you can mitigate your risk of failing to comply or being unable to respond by migrating your data to the right formats for easy access. Our experts will help you understand specific regulations and design an optimal media migration and retention process so your data remains protected, but also accessible without disrupting your current backup processes and at a predictable cost.Every organization has some type of media – and sometimes they're trapped on obsolete formats that require transfers from, say, cd to DVD or tape discs. But we think everyone should be able to transfer these obsolete dated formats to modern storage device to retain their important data for a lifetime. That's why we specialise in converting all media formats like DVDs and CDs USB sticks zip disks Jaz disks.Your media deserve to be retained – and that's precisely what you'll get when you choose us for your conversions or migration services from media to digital files from other video formats to transfer your video to modern storage. Our standard media migration consists of getting a FREE proposal on every aspect of the project. We provide a prepaid label you ship us the media we ship you a storage device with all the media when extracted! We can ship back your media when completed or have it destroyed. Smaller projects can request a download link to download the project when completed.We are the experts in media, the devices that will be conducting the extraction are our own products. We have a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with any situation that can occur whether it’s  renaming the media , damage discs ,scratched discs our technicians have seen it all. Our expertise in the media extraction allow for us to do fast, perfect and affordable migration for you!PrimeArray Media MigrationIf you have 100 or 100,000+ pieces of media, we are here to help! Our optical migration/conversion services can be performed at your site or in our lab, whichever best meets your needs. Our optical migration services leverage the skills of our professionals, well-defined data migration processes, knowledge of optical environments and our optimized migration software. Additionally, there are no upfront hardware or labour costs to incur, saving you time and money. Each one of your discs will be logged and confirmed a complete copy. Any problem discs will be logged and noted. PrimeArray Systems does have a wide range of solutions for conducting your own CD DVD migration if you wish. Product lines include, cd towers, dvd towers, cd loaders, dvd-rom towers, virtual jukeboxes storage systems, cd / dvd / bluray servers.
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