Best Affordable iSCSI Storage Systems for a Storage Area Network

A storage area network, or SAN, is a dedicated, high performance storage network that transfers data between servers and storage devices. An iSCSI SAN offers SMBs an affordable way for multiple network-attached servers to share access to block-level storage over an IP network With AutoStor iSCSI storage devices you can enjoy the benefits of a SAN at an affordable price.

With iSCSI storage devices, companies can add storage capacity, performance and protection to their existing IP network without investing in costly fiber channel switches, cables or HBAs. Moreover, since the AutoStor iSCSI storage system is IP-based, existing network personnel can manage and maintain the environment, eliminating the need for expensive storage personnel.

AutoStor iSCSI data storage solutions easily share and protect data between servers, desktops and work groups. The system can be installed and provisioned in minutes with performance levels to match the demanding needs of small and medium business IT environments. iSCSI storage is an excellent choice for: the storage of archived emails, data protection, digital surveillance (security), digital audio recording, desktop publishing, video editing, application hosting, and more. Organizations looking to expand storage capacity, data protection and business continuity within their environment also find that iSCSI storage devices help them meet these needs.