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Best Affordable iSCSI Storage Systems for a Storage Area Network

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    A storage area network, or SAN, is a dedicated, high performance storage network that transfers data between servers and storage devices. An iSCSI SAN offers SMBs an affordable way for multiple network-attached servers to share access to block-level storage over an IP network With AutoStor iSCSI storage devices you can enjoy the benefits of a SAN at an affordable price.

    With iSCSI storage devices, companies can add storage capacity, performance and protection to their existing IP network without investing in costly fiber channel switches, cables or HBAs. Moreover, since the AutoStor iSCSI storage system is IP-based, existing network personnel can manage and maintain the environment, eliminating the need for expensive storage personnel.

    AutoStor iSCSI data storage solutions easily share and protect data between servers, desktops and work groups. The system can be installed and provisioned in minutes with performance levels to match the demanding needs of small and medium business IT environments. iSCSI storage is an excellent choice for: the storage of archived emails, data protection, digital surveillance (security), digital audio recording, desktop publishing, video editing, application hosting, and more. Organizations looking to expand storage capacity, data protection and business continuity within their environment also find that iSCSI storage devices help them meet these needs.

Features and Benefits of AutoStor iSCSI Storage Devices

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Up to 16 TB of protected iSCSI storage. Enough capacity for demanding storage needs.

Available in a range of options, individual AutoStor iSCSI storage systems can be configured to any storage specification. Systems can be populated with hard drives ranging from 80 Gigabytes to 1 Terabyte capacities while chassis enclosures range from the 1U, 4-drive AutoStore4 to the 3U, 16-drive AutoStorP16.

2 GbE or 4 GbE iSCSI offload Delivers a combined throughput of 2 or 4 gigabits per second of access.

Featuring 2 GbE ports (or 4 GbE ports in the AutoStorP series) for load balancing or failover, the AutoStor family runs 10 times faster than a NAS system and provides versatility critical to a company's IT infrastructure.

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Simple web management console. Deploy and manage iSCSI storage devices' volumes and disks from anywhere.

The AutoStor system is unparalleled in its simplicity, ease of use, installation, and storage management. The user friendly Web Graphical User Interface allows one to deploy and manage the disk array from virtually anywhere in the world with simple Internet access, no additional management software ever needed.

Quick installation feature Administrators can configure and deploy the iSCSI storage system in minutes — no waiting!

With the "Quick Install" wizard, storage administrators can get the system up and running in a few minutes; and setting up RAID level, volume, cache, etc. can all be done and monitored through the Web GUI.

Multiple RAID options Keeps data safe and secure.

The AutoStor family offers a wide range of RAID settings including 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 6, 30, 50 and JBOD. Support for multiple array configurations are included to allow added flexibility ensuring your investment will be in use years down the line. Drive failure detection, automatic drive rebuild, hot spare assignment and background rebuild, make it possible for users to monitor and address system conditions. Dynamic online RAID expansion allows additional capacity to be added without total system downtime, adding piece of mind knowing your data is protected at all times.

Easy to install, manage, and use. Get iSCSI storage devices that hit the ground running.

The AutoStor offers multiple management options to match your workflow, and can be completely auto configured in minutes using the convenient front LCD control panel, and monitored or reconfigured through a remote connection. A comprehensive menu screen facilitates the setup process and lets users reconfigure the system as storage needs change. An RS232 interface gives users access to advanced features such as multiple array settings, iSCSI parameters (connection mode, ID, LUN mapping, etc.), SNMP features and security options. A network interface is available for remote web browser based management and includes the essential tools required to manage and monitor your AutoStor iSCSI storage system.


PrimeArray's systems are competitively priced and deliver great value. As every system is configured to meet the customer's requirements, the price varies depending on the configuration. Please contact us to receive a prompt price quote.