The Multi-Media Tower (MMT) is a storage device built with the capability to access data stored in varieties of storage media. You can a MMT model that is equipped with the following storage devices all in one box: a removable hard drive system, a Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player or burner, a 4-slot Flash memory card reader/writer for accessing practically all the common flash media in the market or a Micro SATA reader that can access Micro SATA drive and CFast memory card. You may also customize your own Multi-Media Tower with the storage devices to meet your application.

Below is an illustration of the various storage media that can be used in the Multi-Media Tower PRO

multi media tower

The MMT is constructed with light weight and strong aluminum with a carrying handle for easy transportation. All the storage devices in the Multi-Media Tower are designed to connect to any system via a Port Multiplier compatible USB port on a Desktop or Notebook to ensure the best performance. Once connected, five different drive icons (drive letters) corresponding to each type of media will be added to your system. There is no special driver or any additional software to install. Data stored in different media can than be opened by your application software or drag and to different storage media.