About PrimeArray Systems

Top Network Attached Storage, DVD JukeBox Systems and Customer Support

PrimeArray is a leader in providing customizable, dependable data storage products for corporate, government, institutional and educational networks. Large and small organizations across the globe use our CD/DVD servers and loaders, dvd jukebox (s) , bluray jukebox (s) , optical jukebox (s) , dvd rom tower (s) , cd drive tower (s) , dvd server (s) , blu ray server (s) iSCSI storage systems, and network attached storage products for affordable data storage and streamlined information sharing.

PrimeArray is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Affordable Data Storage

PrimeArray gives customers an affordable option when it comes to the storage and distribution of their valuable business data. Any organization that needs to store data - and that's just about every organization - will find cost-effective, flexible storage solutions with our network-attached and iSCSI storage products.

Organizations that need to store and share CD/DVD-based information will find that PrimeArray products tame the chaos of their CD/DVD storage libraries.

Why do Customers Buy our Network Attached and CD/DVD Storage Products?

PrimeArray has thousands of satisfied customers because we take the time to listen, deliver solutions tailored to the customer's needs and provide excellent support. When you contact PrimeArray, you will reach a knowledgeable and responsive person who will work with you to find the right product for your needs.

If you have general files or data (i.e. non-CD/DVD based data) that is infrequently used but must be online and accessible, why bog down that expensive server? PrimeArray products are optimized for their tasks so storage capacity and performance are maximized for the price. They are easy to use and set up in minutes.

Data Storage Solutions, DVD, CD Backup, Equipment, iSCSI Server, and More

Customers buy our network-attached storage products when they need lots of storage capacity - located anywhere. The systems are optimized for storing files and protecting data.

Customers buy our iSCSI storage products when they need to add storage capacity to their IP network without investing in costly storage area network (SAN) devices. The systems are so easy to use there's no need to hire expensive storage specialists.

Customers buy our CD/DVD storage products when they have a lot of data on CDs and DVDs and need to easily share that data with others. They appreciate that it helps them eliminate lost, stolen, or damaged discs while simplifying the task of managing a library of CDs and/or DVDs.