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Let a CD/DVD Server or Loader Tame your Data Storage Library

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Your business depends on a library of data stored on CD/DVDs — manuals, software, archived records, media files, and more. But as your CD/DVD library grows with each new batch of discs, you have even more to load, manage and share — eating up your precious time and expensive resources.

PrimeArray network CD/DVD servers and loaders help you manage and control your data storage library so your users get the data they need to do their jobs. A network CD Server provides an immediate return on your investment because your IT department isn't bogged down managing scattered CDs and DVDs — they're free to focus on their core jobs.

Your users' time is valuable too, so they appreciate being able to access the CD/DVD-based information on the data storage server without having to wait in line.

How else does a PrimeArray CD/DVD server or loader help your bottom line? Using it means you no longer have to worry about replacing lost, stolen, or damaged discs. That is because this network attached server also performs as DVD archive and DVD Backup device. It saves time, money, and lots of headaches for a busy department.

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Manage your CD/DVD storage library with these systems from PrimeArray:
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Maxtet SCSI attached CD/DVD loader that loads up to 12 CD/DVDs simultaneously so you can quickly put your data library to use. It's a great solution for organizations that need to load hundreds of CDs/DVDs to their own servers or to a temporary staging area.

ServStation CD/DVD server that lets you store and share information from CDs and DVDs across your network. Hard drive caching provides fast access to disc images. This solution is perfect for organizations that need to share CD and DVD content to multiple users simultaneously.

ProServer network attached CD/DVD loader and server with up to eight reader drives that let you quickly load multiple CDs and DVDs, then share them across your network. Hard drive caching provides fast access to disc images. This is a great solution for organizations that have hundreds of CDs/DVDs to load and need to provide access to that data to multiple users simultaneously.

NetServ CD/DVD server with network attached storage (NAS) and iSCSI capabilities (SAN) — an all-in-one network attached storage solution and CD/DVD server. A built-in iSCSI target feature also provides an affordable IP-SAN (Storage Area Network) option.