Maxtet E-SATA / SCSI - Attached CD/DVD Loaders

Load up to 12 CD/DVDs and Provide Direct Data Access

The PrimeArray Maxtet is the simplest way to load and/or share CD/DVDs into a server, staging area or individual work station. CD/DVD loaders save you time and money by simplifying the management of your CD/DVDs.

***Maxtet includes PrimeArray’s signature software that converts any desktop into a optical disc loader system. Any disc placed into the maxtet can be copied, automatically to any target location including networks shares and indexed. Once the disc is done being copied it will be ejected. The software is designed to simultaneously load each optical drive at the same.***

Would having multiple optical CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives in this tower make your job easier?

PrimeArray systems has Introduced an updated high speed Maxtet model

  • Quality assurance testing of software discs
  • Loading many discs into a CD or DVD server or staging area
  • Providing direct access to CDs or DVDs
  • Making multiple discs available to a server application, such as converting CD data format to a  new format and saving it.