Best Data Storage Solutions For Schools & Universities

PrimeArray has a long history of selling data storage and management solutions to schools at all levels. Public or private, K-12, secondary, college or corporate all use PrimeArray systems to share programs, research publications or host training multimedia. Because many schools use Apple systems, PrimeArray systems support both Mac and Windows clients.

How Educational Institutions Solve Their CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems

One university’s nursing program loads their ServStation with training videos from educational institutions. With the material online, students in different classrooms are able to watch the same DVD. Previously, someone at the school had to physically load a DVD into each classroom’s PC, then return later to retrieve it before it got lost.

Another university uses a ServStation in their mailroom, where different people can access CD/DVD-based information they get from the US Post Office. It helps them process incoming and outgoing mail.

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A university’s engineering school uses their ServStation to make CD-based material available in the classroom. Each student has her own account on the system. As the semester progresses, the professor adds new media to the server so students can access it at their convenience. The school no longer has to move physical CDs from room to room.

A K-12 school uses their ServStation for the CDs and DVDs they need to teach their students. Formerly, someone had to load the discs into classroom PCs each day. Now that the information is on their network, teachers in any classroom can pull up the material they’re studying that day.

A Sampling of PrimeArray’s Education Customers

  • Bloomfield College
  • City University of NY (CUNY)
  • College of the Desert
  • Corinthian Colleges
  • DeVry University
  • Emory University
  • Florida A&M University
  • Irvine Valley College
  • Kent State University
  • LA Mission College
  • Lesley University
  • Morton College
  • N. Virginia Community College
  • Northland College
  • SUNY Downstate, Dept of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Temple University
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Tulane University
  • Univ of IL at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Albany
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Maryland Medical Center
  • University of New Mexico
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of the Virgin Islands
  • University of West Alabama
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Wayne State University
  • Zurich University K-12 schools
  • Atlantic City Board of Education
  • Cranbrook Schools
  • Delano Schools
  • Natick Schools
  • Roanoke City Schools
  • Sayre Schools
  • Sevier Schools
  • Yarmouth Schools
  • Grafton Schools
  • Central School
  • Evergreen Public Schools
  • Fresno School
  • Henrico City Schools
  • Hillcrest School
  • Hoover School
  • Keranna School
  • Motley Morehead School
  • Salem City Schools
  • Tallmadge City Schools
  • Algoma schools
  • Bloomfield Schools
  • Bradenton Schools
  • Comanche Schools
  • Garnett Schools
  • Barstow School
  • Manchester Public Schools