Best Repair and Data Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance of large equipment, including aircraft and automobiles, is complicated and requires a lot of maintenance data. Paper manuals can be cumbersome and expensive. Distributed via CDs and DVDs, documentation can include rich media, making the learning experience more powerful.

By loading documentation onto a server, companies make it easy for several employees to use the materials at once. In environments where discs could get damaged or dirty, such as aircraft hangers, having the information loaded onto a server keeps it safe and accessible.

Aircraft Maintenance Data Storage and Data Sharing Solutions

PrimeArray systems are very popular with companies doing aircraft maintenance. Customers in the airline business are using the systems to manage their CD/DVD-based documentation and training materials. And, customers who are not in the airline business, but are large enough to own their own aircraft use the systems to store and distribute aeroplane maintenance materials.

An airline charter service uses their ServStation to manage the massive volumes of aeroplane maintenance documentation they have with their 30+ kinds of aeroplanes. Their technicians need quick, easy access to all the documentation on all of the planes the charter service flies. By tapping into their networked ServStation they can find all the information they need on any particular aircraft.

Automobile Maintenance Data Storage and Data Sharing Solutions

One of our customers is a subcontractor for a major auto manufacturer, making parts that go into the transmission. The company frequently receives specifications and drawings with information on what it needs to build. This information is distributed via DVD. Passing the DVD around to all their technicians was problematic, as the discs got dirty — and even lost. But with a ServStation all the technicians can view the specifications at the same time, making their work faster and more productive.

A automotive dealership uses their ServStation to help train their sales force. Before the dealership purchased the system, they had to pull all their salespeople off the floor, get them into a room together, and show the training videos. Now, salespeople can view the training materials when it’s convenient. The system also tracks who has watched the material, so the dealership knows who has been trained.

A Sampling of PrimeArray’s Equipment Maintenance Customers

  • Flightworks
  • GM
  • Travelers
  • Flightdocs
  • Schubach Aviation
  • Honda Automotive