CD/DVD Storage Solutions for Software Development

Software developers, whether in IT departments or in software firms, can use PrimeArray systems to manage their libraries of programming resource CDs. Many PrimeArray customers do Microsoft development, and therefore subscribe to MSDN and TechNet CDs. These CDs are updated frequently. When they are uploaded to a PrimeArray system, all the developers can access the information, and it’s far easier to manage.

How Software Developers Solve Their CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems

A large engineering firm is using their system in their IT department to manage MSDN CDs. Many developers find that they need to tie different software applications together, making the MSDN information vital. Quite often, they purchase a ServStation CD/DVD server or NetServ CD/DVD server with NAS for software development support, then realize that it can be quite useful in other areas.

A large manufacturer of gaming systems uses their system to centralize IT applications for distribution by their help desk. Their help desk can easily manage and distribute software installs such as MS Office, Cisco drivers, and virus pattern updates, saving time and ensuring consistent versioning.

A Sampling of PrimeArray’s Customers Using the Systems for Software Development

  • Bechtel
  • Incipient
  • American Systems Corp