Storage Solutions By Industry


We’ve worked with customers in a variety of industries to create CD/DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage solutions for their growing information libraries. See the links below to learn how these industries found CD/DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage solutions with PrimeArray systems:

Software Development

Software developers, whether in IT departments or in software firms, can use PrimeArray systems to manage their libraries of programming resource CDs. Many PrimeArray customers do Microsoft development, and therefore subscribe to MSDN and TechNet CDs. These CDs are updated frequently. When they are uploaded to a PrimeArray system, all the developers can access the […]


Federal, State and Local governments use PrimeArray products for retaining records, community access, FED LOG and many other uses. How Government Agencies Solve Their CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems A local government uses their ServStation to manage CD-based information on projects in their area. With assistance from our CD/DVD loaders and servers; contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. […]

Religious Organizations

Churches and other religious organizations are often responsible for large libraries of CD/DVD-based information that must be protected, and often shared with parishioners and the public. How Religious Organizations Solve Their CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems One of our church customers films their preacher’s sermons, burns them to DVD, then uploads the sermons to […]


Many libraries need to provide their patrons with access to information that’s stored on CDs and DVDs. PrimeArray’s systems make this process easier for the patrons and the library staff. The Pike’s Peak library district for El Paso county, Colorado uses a ServStation CD/DVD server in their special collections department to store and share CD/DVD-based information for patrons to […]


Many military agencies use their PrimeArray systems to manage their large volumes of FED LOG data. FED LOG is the logistics information system published by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS). FED LOG CDs and DVDs catalog information on 7 million-plus stock numbers and 12 million-plus part numbers. New FED LOG discs are sent monthly […]


Manufacturers can use PrimeArray systems to distribute CD/DVD-based information such as electronic manuals, records, training materials and software. How Manufacturers Solve Their CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems One of our customers uses a ServStation CD/DVD server in their engineering department where they store and share product technical drawings. When a law or policy in one or […]

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance of large equipment, including aircraft and automobiles, is complicated, and requires a lot of maintenance data. Paper manuals can be cumbersome and expensive. Distributed via CDs and DVDs, documentation can include rich media, making the learning experience more powerful. By loading documentation onto a server, companies make it easy for several employees to use […]


Healthcare is a data-intensive field with many uses for PrimeArray products. For example, a PrimeArray CD server enables training disks to be online for use whenever or wherever someone needs them. Many X-Ray and MRI machines write output to CDs or DVDs. By putting this information online, doctors and specialists can access and review it. […]


Many law firms and court systems receive updates and opinions on laws, cases, regulations and statutes via CD-based subscriptions. They find that disk-based subscriptions are faster and offer more control than Internet subscriptions. PrimeArray data storage systems help them streamline the process of loading CDs and make them available to everyone who needs the information. […]


PrimeArray has a long history of selling data storage and management solutions to schools at all levels. Public or private, K-12, secondary, college or corporate all use PrimeArray systems to share programs, research publications or host training multimedia. Because many schools use Apple systems, PrimeArray systems support both Mac and Windows clients. How Educational Institutions […]

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