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PrimeArray’s CD/DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage products help organizations solve a host of business problems in the areas of:

Data Loading

Time is money, and loading CDs and DVDs onto a server can be extremely time-consuming. Imagine how long it must take to load up to 500 CDs, which is not uncommon for law firms handling litigation cases. A PrimeArray CD/DVD loader can accommodate up to twelve CDs or DVDs at a time – allowing that data to […]

Storage Consolidation

Storing data on multiple PCs is inefficient and expensive. Consolidating your data storage on a network attached storage or iSCSI system from PrimeArray improves efficiency and reliability, and makes the data available to more people in the organization. Comprise your information into one consolidated area for best data storage practices.

Business Continuity And Availability

Many businesses cannot afford downtime, no matter what natural or man-made disaster strikes. Those that have loaded information onto a co-located PrimeArray system can keep their operations running and their customers satisfied during planned and unplanned outages.

Backup, Recovery , Archiving

As the nightly backup window shrinks and the amount of data and systems to be backed-up grows, a PrimeArray NAS system can provide a vital intermediary in backing up to tape. Systems can be backed-up to the FlexNAS at disk-to-disk speeds, virus checked and staged for backup to tape. Archiving emails and other data is a growing […]

Data Protection

Information stored on CDs and DVDs is only as safe as the discs themselves. Your information is lost if the media gets scratched, lost, or stolen. But when your CDs and DVDs have been loaded onto a PrimeArray CD/DVD server the information is safe no matter what happens to the original CDs and DVDs.

Data Storage Space

Network storage provides a convenient centralized location where users can store shared files and back up their desktop computers. Network storage lets you offload maxed-out PC hard drives, possibly extending the life of the PCs and providing an easier, less expensive way to handle growing storage needs

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