Best Legal Data Storage and Data Storage Servers

Many law firms and court systems receive updates and opinions on laws, cases, regulations and statutes via CD-based subscriptions. They find that disk-based subscriptions are faster and offer more control than Internet subscriptions. PrimeArray data storage systems help them streamline the process of loading CDs and make them available to everyone who needs the information.

How the Legal Field Solves its CD/DVD Storage Issues with Our Systems

One of our law firm customers uses their system primarily for depositions. The depositions are on video, and often need to be shared with attorneys throughout the firm. Because they all have different schedules, trying to share DVDs or CDs does not work. Having the information on their PrimeArray system makes the information always accessible, and keeps it from getting lost.

Another customer uses their PrimeArray system for storing legal evidence, such as emails in a white-collar crime case. An investigator copies all the emails in a company onto CDs, then uploads them to the server where multiple attorneys and members of the legal staff can access them. They no longer lose important CDs, and no one is inconvenienced because someone else is already accessing the data.

Electronic Data Storage, Legal, DVD, CD Network Attached Server Solutions

A real estate law firm uses their ServStation to keep up with the changing legislation and laws in all the different states in which they work. Every time the legislature makes a change, or there’s an update in their field, they receive a new CD. To keep from getting overwhelmed with multiple CDs, they upload them to their ServStation, creating a virtual library where the information is available on the network for multiple members of the firm.

A Sampling of PrimeArray’s Customers in the Legal Field

  • Allen Overy
  • Bower Lawrence, P.C.
  • Choate, Hall Stewart
  • Cline Williams Law
  • De Novo Legal
  • Faust Rabbach Stanger Oppenheim
  • Gaddy Law Firm
  • Gebert Morley LLC
  • Gibson, Dunn Crutcher LLP
  • Hinckley, Allen Snyder LLP
  • InTouch Legal
  • Kittredge Donley Elson Fullem
  • Larson Law
  • Leaf Saltzman Manganelli Pfeil Tendler PA
  • Louisiana Law Library
  • Pietrantoni Mendez Alvarez LLP
  • Sullivan Cromwell
  • Sulloway Hollis
  • Verril Dana LLP
  • Wyandot County Law Library