Top Library Storage Server and Library Digital Data Organizer

Many libraries need to provide their patrons with access to information that’s stored on CDs and DVDs. PrimeArray’s systems make this process easier for the patrons and the library staff.

The Pike’s Peak library district for El Paso county, Colorado uses a ServStation CD/DVD server in their special collections department to store and share CD/DVD-based information for patrons to access. Before purchasing the system, patrons had to request individual CDs and DVDs from the library desk, then run them in the library’s PCs. Now that the information is on a PrimeArray system and is networked, patrons have faster, simpler access to the information. The library staff no longer has to worry about lost or damaged discs, malfunctioning CD/DVD drives, and managing the license requirements of the CD/DVDs.

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The Cambridge Public Library, Ontario, Canada has a PrimeArray ServStation to host roughly 40 children’s software titles for four branch libraries. The ServStation replaced seven CD Towers. Ken Brady, the technical support services technician, says:

Set-up couldn’t have been easier, and once its up and running, I leave it alone. I would be surprised if I rebooted it twice a year.

Ken added that

…PrimeArray’s support is excellent, second to none. Nothing was too much to ask.

Another PrimeArray library customer uses their system not only for sharing the usual CD/DVD-based information, but also for providing access to online kids’ games.

A Sampling of PrimeArray’s Library Customers

  • Anaheim Public Library
  • Boston Public Library
  • Boulder Public Library
  • City of Anaheim Libraries
  • City of Lebanon Public Library
  • Eldridge Public Library
  • Flagler Library
  • Kent District Library
  • Kewanee Public Library
  • Louisiana Law Library
  • Mann Library – Cornell
  • Menomonee Falls Public Library
  • Newmarket Public Library
  • Pikes Peak Library District
  • Santa Maria Library
  • Somerset Library
  • Vaughan Public Library
  • Webster Parish Library
  • Wyandot County Law Library