Storage Solutions By Application


PrimeArray CD/DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage products provide storage solutions for a wide variety of applications. Loaded onto a PrimeArray system, these applications can be shared among multiple users simultaneously. Below is a sampling of some of the applications for PrimeArray CD/DVD, NAS and iSCSI storage products:

Documentation Manuals

Paper manuals can be cumbersome and expensive. Distributed via CDs and DVDs, documentation can include rich media, making the learning experience more powerful. By loading documentation onto a server, companies make it easy for several employees to use the materials at once. In environments where discs could get damaged or dirty […]

Digital Surveillance

Digital surveillance systems often generate large video files that need to be retained for long periods of time. Storing these files on users’ PCs is risky and most PCs don’t have the disk capacity for long-term storage. A NAS or iSCSI storage system is the perfect solution to centralize and protect these files, and offer […]

Training Material/Courses

Educational material is often distributed on CDs and DVDs rather than via printed books. Disc-based training is fast and economical. Schools, including K-12 and college level, can use server-based material in the classroom. Companies with training requirements can have their employees take courses online. For example, HR departments may require that employees watch a series […]

Graphics Arts

Illustrators, graphic artists, and marketing/advertising departments subscribe to CDs with stock photos, illustrations, industry artwork, line drawings, and other graphical material that needs to be shared. Access this information anywhere with CD/DVD servers from PrimeArray Storage.

Microsoft Exchange

Organizations have always had to back up their email archives, including those on Microsoft Exchange. But since the advent of Sarbanes Oxley, the need to archive and access emails is even more important. Moreover, hosting Microsoft Exchange on a standalone server exposes administrators to capacity challenges and data protection risks. Administrators can glean enormous storage […]

Auto Repair – ALLDATA/Mitchell OnDemand

ALLDATA® and Mitchell On Demand provide OEM automotive repair information and solutions to the professional automotive service industry. Repair and collision shops depend on these manuals, which are distributed on CD, for service and repair information, shop management and customer relations solutions.


TechNet is a resource for IT professionals that provides convenient access to full-version Microsoft evaluation software. The annual subscription also includes professional support incidents, a technical information library, and many other resources for evaluating, deploying, and maintaining Microsoft software.


FED LOG is the logistics information system published by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS). FED LOG CDs and DVDs catalog information on 7 million-plus stock numbers and 12 million-plus part numbers. New FED LOG discs are sent monthly to meet the needs of military and civilian personnel worldwide.

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