Choosing The Right Media Servers

Choosing right media server

Choosing Media Servers

Choosing the right media server is easy with help from PrimeArray Systems. Our experts will guide you through all the complications to make sure you have the right products for your media server requirements. We work with clients and customers on a daily basis to discover their priorities and outfit them with the most suitable technology for their business or personal use. Based on a series of questions, PrimeArray will help you find the perfect media server solution for you or your business. Listed below are frequent questions that we ask our customers in order to determine the best media server options.

Questions To Ask

How many users need to access? Are you looking for a home media server or an enterprise level media server for your business? At PrimeArray Systems, we customize and configure data storage devices tailored to your specific needs. No media server capability is outside of our range.

How much media do you have? Our media server devices are capable of holding up to 10 PB (petabytes) of storage. That's equivalent to 10,000 Terabytes. We offer media server systems with smaller storage capabilities, but we also deliver enterprise level storage for larger scale clients.

Do you require a disc loader? It can be tedious to upload one disc at a time. Thankfully PrimeArray offers disc loaders and media servers individually or all-in-one units. On top of that, we also provide data migration services for businesses with thousands of DVD's CD's.

What file system? Our media servers will work with Mac: HSF, PC: Iso9660, Blu-ray: iso just about any file system imaginable.

How much media will you store monthly/weekly? Think towards the future and imagine the possible obstacles you might face. If you or your business will be storing large/high volume files in the future, it's best to plan ahead.

PrimeArray Media Servers

Primearray manufactures media servers, small and large that can handle any requirements. Check out the links below to get started with your personal media server or enterprise media server solution. We encourage you to call us at 800-433-5133 to discuss your next media server purchase!