Optical Disc Drives are back in the year 2022

Pioneer leading the way with enhanced optical disc drive available

Pioneer’s newest optical disc drive doesn’t just play Blu-rays, but can burn large-scale discs too. According to its Japanese website (via Tom’s Hardware), the BDR-213JBK is capable of 16x speed recording on single and double layer BD-R disks (up to 50GB) and 14x speed recording on triple and quadruple layer BDR- XL discs (upto 128GB). You could burn 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs at a reasonable speed.

Pioneer says “the demand for optical discs and optical drives will continue to increase,” due to the “spread of telework” and the growing need for large amounts of work data and recording meetings calls. Unless Pioneer’s argument does the workplace use more physical storage, you should use external SSDs or even tinier USB thumb drives.

 The process of developing a series of games called computer, with the development of high-end teleporters, and many a bit of software accelerated, and the number of games became popular. Music streaming services became more popular, eliminating the need to burn our own.

 It supports over 20 different disc formats, from ODD CD-RW to BD-R QL, which means you should be able to play any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray from your collection that you’ve got from your Atari kept in. It also has a feature called PowerRead which it claims lets you play any disc smoothly, even if it is dirty or scratched.

This enhanced pioneer new model can be equipped in our PrimeArray Maxtet system - direct attached optical drive tower featuring up to 12 of these new drives; ideal for loading reading burning creativity streamlining all your optical media needs. Ask about it today!