What is PrimeArray Media Servers?

What Does Media Server Mean?

A media server is a dedicated hardware that is responsible for providing data on demand. A media server is a device that stores and shares media. It is responsible for hardware as well as software aspects of successful storing and retrieval as well as sharing of media files and data. A media server can be any device having network access and adequate bandwidth for sharing and saving of media. A server, PC, network-attached storage (NAS) or any other device with such storage capability can be used as a media server. Commercial media servers act as aggregators of information like CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Memory Card, USB Disc, San Disc, video, audio, photos and books, and other types of media can all be accessed via a network.

What are PrimeArray Media Servers?

PrimeArray Media Servers are primarily about distributing data. On the surface, media servers are therefore no different from ordinary file servers. They are often used in companies to send data – mostly from the server to various desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones or other devices. PrimeArray Media server can automatically copy the data once the disc is inserted, so it’s  very easy to use.


The strength of PrimeArray Media Servers

With another device, such as a notebook, you can now access the server using a specific software. The program will recognize what data the server contains and provide it with an attractive user interface.  This cooperation between client and server would not be possible with a conventional file server. Only the combination of client and server software makes media server valuable both at home and in companies. They adapt the media server very exactly to your requirements and specifications.

The work is therefore individual and exactly tailored to your own preferences. As a user, you decide which files you save, but also which programs you integrate to use the server. The media server is available at any time of day or night. The individual components are deliberately selected so that even continuous operation does not affect the system.


Low Maintenance and Robust

Wherever moving parts are used, wear inevitably occurs. In the case of a mechanical hardware component, this can be overcome; after all, individual parts can usually be easily replaced. However, sensitive files are stored on the media server, so wear and tear must be prevented at all costs.  


Full control and independence

The cloud is a solution that makes sense, especially in the private sector. Companies that handle sensitive data expose themselves to a certain amount of danger when using cloud systems. Complete control is taken away from you, and some of the servers used are located abroad.

This is even legally questionable when storing important personal data of customers. Our own server solution guarantees that all data is stored locally. You are always in control and know exactly where the data is located.

On a local server, protective mechanisms can be set up to prevent a data breach. The individual servers are equipped with accessories that allow installation within a server rack. This is particularly useful for companies that have their own server room.

The robust housing is constructed in such a way that no dust can penetrate the inside of the server. This protects internal contacts and you don’t have to worry about damaging your server outside of a rack.

PrimeArray Media Servers

PrimeArray media servers come in different models with various capabilities and storage specifications.

ArrayStor : Media Server & Disc Loader all-in-one device for your media library. Load your media and discs onto the ArrayStor media server to access data in one central location. Commonly used for training videos and storing media libraries. Share, store and access CD/DVD data with the Arraystor media server by PrimeArray Systems.

ServStation : PrimeArray’s entry-level, network-attached CD/DVD server. This is the data storage server organizations turn to for fast, simplified access to CD/DVD-based information across the network. CD/DVD sharing has never been easier.

ProServer : PrimeArray’s versatile network-attached CD/DVD server and loader. Available in tower or rack configurations, this NAS DVD server allows you to quickly load multiple CDs and DVDs, then share them across your network. Unlike old-fashioned CD/DVD towers, these systems are fast, efficient, and economical.