What Is NAS?

What is NAS
What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

All businesses and organizations, at some level, require a reliable and efficient data storage system. Hospitals must keep track of large databases, patient info & training media. Schools and universities require a secure and cost-effective way of storing multiple types of files. Businesses need to access crucial information whether it be deliverables, inventory data, or even employee handbooks. Read about Network Attached Storage, and how it can benefit any organization or business below.

Technical Use & Benefits

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a network connected storage device that allows for easy access for data storage and retrieval in one centralized destination. Users locate the files that they want stored onto the NAS, use software to upload files onto the NAS, the files can now be accessed by multiple clients simultaneously.

NAS can be compared to having "private cloud storage", but is much faster and more secure than cloud storage. The best part? No need to hire an IT professional, NAS systems are straightforward and rarely require technical support or expertise. Network Attached Storage is secure, cost effective and easily scalable for larger organizations. Looking to add more storage space to your NAS? Good news, they're easily customizable.

PrimeArray NAS Solutions

As mentioned above, data storage solutions vary on the size and magnitude of your business or organization. Here at Prime Array, we offer enterprise NAS and have the capability to upgrade NAS to your preferred specifications. Communicating with IT professionals and business owners, we will work with your needs and preferred budget to deliver a NAS solution that fits your business goals. We understand that data storage is not a "one size fits all" solution and different industries require different specs and capabilities.

We encourage you to call our office at 800-433-5133 if you have any questions, concerns or specific NAS requests. We look forward to working with you!