Specialized data migrations services

Did you know PrimeArray systems specializes in data migrations services!

It is true even from our early days our first product was a product designed to transfer data from media sources to a storage device for easy access redundancy rapid accessibility.

Of course PrimeArray specializes in the most common pieces of media of optical discs / like data – CDs , DVDs , Blu-Ray , USB but you did know that we can also help with legacy formats such as


Yes! We agree - These truly are some strange-looking pieces of media and they certainly serve a purpose in time but today these colorful pieces of media should only be used for extraction and to back up that valuable data before it’s lost forever. 

In fact, any attempt to access the data from these devices is best left to be done when you’re attempting to extract the data. 

If you need to migrate any of these devices or anything similar – PrimeArray migration services can help!

Let’s explore some fun facts about each 

Tape, as an archive and data storage medium, has been around for over 60 years now and is still widely common among companies of all sizes.  The tape has its advantages - durability and low cost compared to other media - but that can also be its drawback. Over the years companies tend to change tape formats, as well as tape backup solutions.

FLOPPY DISK, ZIP DISK, AND JAZ DRIVE TRANSFER SERVICE DETAILS - Have any of these old discs (3.25″ Floppy, Jaz, or Zip) holding long-lost information that you’d like to see again? At Leave A Legacy we can access your old files from your floppy, Jaz, and Zip discs (PC formatted and MAC formatted). We can do 100MB, 250MB, and 750MB zip drives and can do both 1GB & 2GB Jaz drives.

PrimeArray team has the know-how to connect these old data storage devices and copy them to your modern flash drive or save your files to a server.

The amount of storage available on the old floppy, Jaz, and zip discs is quite minimal compared to today’s devices. We can typically save all the files from a whole stack of these discs to a single CD or flash drive, but our files/data footprint was a lot smaller years ago.

The amount of storage available on the old floppy, jaz, and zip discs is quite minimal compared to today’s devices. We can typically save all the files from a whole stack of these discs to a single CD or flash drive, but our files/data footprint was a lot smaller years ago.

PrimeArray can migrate for you  Floppy discs, jaz discs, and zip discs before it’s too late.

Who can put a price on your data, no one – Don’t lose it but leaving it on some legacy archiving disc. Let PrimeArray revive that data from the dead and get it back in your company’s hands!

Before migrating, we plan out the process - we discussed your goals, and share with you all the options for the new storage devices. PrimeArrays talented technicians are well-skilled well versed and capable of migrating your data putting in an easy-to-view file and folder format. We can even rename each piece of media with a unique title per your specifications.

Our data migration services are enterprise-grade.

It’s important to plan the process thoroughly, mapping out the data structure and identifying problems that could prevent efficient data access in the future. An experienced migration specialist can be instrumental in proper planning — and tape specialists will be able to anticipate bottlenecks more effectively, keeping the project on track and within budget.

Migrate to modern tape formats when switching backup solutions - If you’re migrating tapes to a new backup solution, you should also consider upgrading to newer formats!

Switching to a new backup program can be extremely complicated, but it's an important process since newer solutions make data more searchable and can improve efficiency. Enterprises should always work with a data migration expert that has relevant experience.
Total Data Migration provides migration services for every cartridge format and backup software system. By combining our decades of expertise with thorough documentation and a commitment to data security, we can provide the guidance you need to keep your project on track and within budget.

The Advantages of Tape Storage - Magnetic tape data storage has always enjoyed several advantages over other media such as disks. It has a low cost-per-byte of storage for large volumes of data, making it an excellent choice for data file and database backups and archives. Tape can be stored for long periods, making them ideal for extended data retention required for legal, regulatory, or compliance reasons. Finally, tape reels or cartridges are a removable medium, making them an excellent choice when the security of an air gap between data and the computer mitigates hacking or stealing the data.
Of course, the tape is a physically sequential medium. This makes it cumbersome and time-consuming to retrieve specific files or records stored somewhere on a tape. Recent developments such as linear tape-open (LTO) technology have reduced this by placing a chip in the tape cartridge that records metadata about the tape.

The amount of data that can be stored on a tape cartridge has steadily increased. Today, the tape can store 15 terabytes (TB) of data. If data is compressed, this number may rise as high as 45 TB. This makes tape an excellent choice for capturing large amounts of data that is typically accessed sequentially. An example of this is the sensors in autonomous vehicles that can generate more than 20 TB of data per hour.

How does a backup solution migration typically work?   A free consultation with a PrimeArray technician will map out, each step. We can conduct your migration in-house or at our lab. The most convenient way and inexpensive way is at our lab - simply we give you a prepaid shipping label you ship us the media we ship you back a new device! 

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