Digital Forensics


For computer forensics acquisition & imaging, look no further than PrimeArray Systems for your personalized digital forensic workstation. Forensic hardware can be hard to come by, especially if you require very specific capabilities for your digital forensics investigations. Our units are designed specifically to gather, preserve & analyze any digital evidence from practically any electronic device. With write blocking technology, eliminate the possibility of evidence being altered or tampered with in any way. PrimeArray has worked with many crime labs, law offices & law enforcement agencies to deliver customized solutions for forensic acquisition, imaging & reading.

Our digital forensic hardware devices come custom tailored to your organizational needs. If your crime lab or law enforcement agency requires certain capabilities or specifications, we encourage you to contact us in order to best serve you. In certain cases, your agency might prefer a standalone workstation instead of a forensics device connected to your current workstation. We would be happy to provide you with either, and are fully equipped to deliver digital forensics hardware to your organization’s needs.

Features & Benefits

Configure your digital forensics workstation by choosing from trays & slots capable of supporting any type of digital evidence. Include USB for forensic cell phone imaging or reading flash drives, SATA harddrive interfaces for reading harddrives from laptops and desktops, optical drives for DVD, CD & Blu-Ray imaging, and more. Forensic workstations can include: USB’s, SD Cards, Mobile Devices, DVD’s, CD’s, **3.5 – 2.5 HotSwap Drive Bay (SATA Connected), SATA Hard Drive Mobile Rack Drawer, SATA Drive & more.

Access, analyze & image digital evidence with a standalone digital forensic workstation, or connect our forensic hardware into your current computer. Whichever is easiest for your work setting.

Preserve data integrity and safeguard with protective measures supported by PrimeArray digital forensics hardware. Our devices are write-blocked to maintain the digital evidence integrity without worrying about changing any data on the harddrive or device. Ensure that your evidence is admissible in court and is held to the highest quality and standards. Keep your evidence classified with encryption keys and additional safeguards.

Forensic imaging capabilities to duplicate evidence 1:1. Create exact copies of drives and data without sacrificing data integrity.

Add encryption keys to maximize the security of your computer forensics workstation. Keep your evidence safe and secure.

Handling Any Amount of Data

Digital forensics investigators examine and image a ton of data and information on a daily basis. They need the necessary and capable tools in order to complete their investigations properly, on time and efficiently. With PrimeArray digital forensics tools and workstations, you can read and store basically any amount of data. Our storage devices can hold up to 10PB (petabytes) of data, which is equivalent to 10,000 Terabytes. No matter the size of your project, we can help you with handling virtually any amount of data. PrimeArray forensic systems give you the processing power, storage, integrated write-blocking, reliability and proven support to process cases in any setting.

Technical Support


Learn your way around PrimeArray computer forensics devices with technical assistance from our product support experts. With every purchase from PrimeArray you and your agency are entitled to lifetime technical support. It is our mission to help your law firm, crime lab, or law enforcement agency to be successful in using our digital forensics workstations and devices. No matter the problems you’re facing, contact us today to learn more about troubleshooting and using our digital forensics tools to their fullest potential.