DVD copy migration and Media services

Do you need DVDs migrated really quickly? We can have them ready in no time. PrimeArray systems specialize in media migrations / DVD copies from small to large.

(DVD copy migration  media services)

This week PrimeArray’s Technicians imaged over ten thousand discs and transformed this pile of thousand into something smaller than a common wallet. Each disc was also cataloged by a unique identifier number at the customer’s request. 

Thousands of discs ready for imaging are pictured below

Completed project

Migration Services

Transitioning to new IT systems/formats can be complex, time-consuming, and disruptive to end-users. That's why PrimeArray offers expert migration services to make this process simple and hassle-free. PrimeArray will determine the best migration solution for your organization/project.

Migration Services are completed in-house locally.

Our team of experts will provide an exceptional service to relieve you and your organization of this burden. You will have peace of mind from knowing our experienced team will move your data, apps, and infrastructure in the most secure manner, helping you migrate to better IT systems in the most efficient way possible, 

File and Document Migration

If you currently use an aging or obsolete file format, PrimeArray can help move all your files and documents to a new and improved system. We will plan out the migration beforehand, including identifying any files you deem redundant and can be destroyed as well as the best way to carry out the process. PrimeArray will monitor and report on the planning, moving, and completion of the migration, ensuring a swift and successful service.

Server to Cloud Migration

Many organizations understand the necessity of cloud migration, so Stone is here to ensure the safe and professional transfer of all your data. Whether it be migration from a local data center or moving from one cloud to another, Stone can help. After assessing all your data, we will complete the migration with as little interference to your organization as possible. With all your data in an IT cloud environment, you'll benefit from increased performance as well as a higher level of security, all while saving money.

Indexing / creating databases of the contents

Our team of experts is no stranger to the fact that your media will need to be cataloged. We have decades of experience in this arena. We will work with you and follow your guided steps to ensure each piece of media can be identified easily once imaged. We commonly create a folder name of based on the piece of media or unique code and all contents of that media will be in the such folder. 

Please see our disc migration page for more information