What is a media server? A peek under the hood of the Arraystor

PrimeArray often gets this question what is a media server what is a CD DVD NAS server?

PrimeArray systems has been manufacturing for decades enterprise grade (network attached storage) NAS system with its unique feature of automatically imaging media upon inserting into the derive. When completed placing the imaged media on a share for easy network access. Although a simple task working with media has many complexities and different variations such as formats different sizes, etc. all of these variations have appeared and the systems today are well-versed on how to handle them.

PrimeArray media server is a dedicated server running applications that store and share multimedia files (text, graphics, video, audio…etc.) on demand. It can be any device having network access with suitable bandwidth for the sharing and saving of media. A server, PC, network-attached storage (NAS) or any other device with such storage capability can be used as a media server.

Although the systems like the PrimeArray -  ArrayStor model (screenshots below) have this unique feature they are still a powerhouse NAS system and do not lack enterprise and basic NAS features.