What is the difference between NAS or DAS

Why not get both by using a Thunderbolt 3 or USB C to 10GB ! Let PrimeArray explain

A thunderbolt 3 connection can rock the speedometer to 40Gbps!

In the storage world you may commonly hear the term NAS or DAS. These terms are simple reference to - network attached storage or direct attached storage. The “NAS” storage relies on your network, switches, and routers allows more devices to access the storage. The direct attached storage method is usually one cable from your device to the storage array.

There are pluses and minuses to both options some of the big ones include

“NAS” is more accessible to many devices.

“DAS” storage can offer an extremely fast transfer rate from one device to the storage array.

With enhancements in technology you can convert your NAS storage device into dual-purpose DAS / NAS. An easy to install USB C or thunderbolt 3 to 10G can connect a NAS to one host for extreme performance to the storage and allow the NAS server to still share its contents over your network to the user’s. This could be incredibly useful in a high definition video / 4k video server or performance demanding application. One workstation could populate the storage through the thunderbolt 3 or USB C connection allowing the users to access it through the LAN.


A quick install of a Thunderbolt 3 to 10 GbE adapter will give you fast networking connectivity to modern PCs featuring Thunderbolt 3 ports. Compatible with both Macs and Windows. Get the 10GB connectivity without upgrading your entire network! Benefits include

More technical details about the differences between dazzling as below!

What Are DAS Servers?

Direct-attached storage (DAS) is a digital storage system directly attached to a host computer accessing it. Examples of DAS include:

·       Internal hard drives and SSDs

·       External hard drives and SSDs

·       CDs

·      USB flash drives

Pros of DAS Servers

DAS servers bring a lot of advantages to the table. Here are some of the most important ones:

·        High performance

·        Low maintenance

·        Easy to set up and configure

·        Relatively inexpensive

·        These advantages of portable DAS storage make it suitable for small to medium businesses (SMBs) that require a lot of storage but don’t have large budgets for advanced storage solutions.

What Are NAS Servers?

Network accessed storage (NAS) refers to a self-contained storage system that’s attached to a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). All devices connected to the network can be granted access by the network administrator to the data stored on the NAS system. It comprises portable NAS servers and network management software that permits different users to log in to the storage system.

Pros of NAS Servers

Advantages you get with NAS servers:

·        Centralized file storage and access

·        More efficient use of data storage resources

·        Easy data recovery

·        Easy scalability

·        Better data redundancy

·        Save space due to their compact nature

·        Affordable high-capacity storage solution


DAS Servers vs. NAS Servers

The main difference between DAS and NAS servers is that DAS servers are a more localized storage solution. As such, they don’t offer you the flexibility of file sharing and remote updating that NAS servers offer you. When you need more storage, NAS beats DAS because you can easily add another portable NAS storage device to your network as your data storage needs grow.


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