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DVD & CD-ROM Servers: How They Work

Disc servers provide a simple way to store and access CD/DVD-ROM data & media libraries. First, select the DVD/CD's that you'd like stored. If you're in the majority, you most likely have already chosen which discs need to be stored.

After you've distinguished your disc library, simply load them into the DVD/CD storage tower. Feel free to upload as many discs as there are drives. Different PrimeArray models will have separate specifications. With the PrimeArray Systems Maxtet Tower, for example, you can upload up to 12 discs at once.

After you've uploaded each disc into the drive, you can now access the CD/DVD data conveniently in one place. Supporting data retrieval and storage from multiple devices; desktop, phone & tablet. Perfect for businesses, organizations and individuals with large disc libraries, who want to store and retrieve information from multiple devices at once.

Prime Array: Disc Storage Solutions

We encourage our customers to call us at 800-433-5133 with any questions or concerns about our products. Don't have enough time to upload large disc libraries? We can help. Click Here to learn more about our disc migration services.

Before you leave, please know that we offer custom disc server solutions. If you can think of any upgrades that you'd like to make to PrimeArray storage systems, we can most likely appease your wishes.

To shop PrimeArray disc loaders and servers for businesses & individuals, Click Here.

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