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Simply connect with our experts today and we will be happy to discuss your custom server requirements we can easily cover what is available on the market with the latest technology and get you exactly what you need.

When choosing a custom server at PrimeArray, IT professionals have a wide selection of server technology and hardware selections. PrimeArray offers a range of industrial-grade servers and specialty servers designed to manage complex and compute-intensive workloads.

When configuring a custom server, you first choose the type of server and model, and then one of a variety of configurations. Lastly, you customize over fifty components to create the exact server that your business needs. While customizing, the price of each component is marked, and as you make selections, you’ll see the total cost of the configured server at the top of the page. You’ll also see the approximate monthly cost to finance the device.

When configuring your custom server, you’ll have the choice of:

  • Trusted platform modules and chassis
  • Different form factors such as 1u – 6u
  • Intel and AMD processors, along with processor thermal configuration
  • Memory
  • Hard drives and SSD drives
  • Storage cards
  • Operating systems
  • Network cards
  • RAID functionality and controllers
  • Access licenses
  • Accelerator cards
  • Cooling systems
  • Power supplies
  • Software
  • Support and protection services

Advantages of PrimeArray custom servers

In addition to greater flexibility, custom servers offer significant benefits that help to build a secure, scalable, and worry-free infrastructure. Whether you are looking for scalability, automation, security, customization, or convenience –PowerEdge servers can deliver.

Scalable Architecture

PrimeArray servers enable businesses to adapt to changing realities. Scalable business architecture can be fine-tuned to address specific workloads, balancing computing, and memory resources to maximize performance across a wide range of applications.

Why choose PrimeArray for your business

Premium products

All of our products are designed to provide secure, powerful, and reliable systems. Built with cutting edge technologies for maximum operational effectiveness, our products adapt and scale to your business needs.

Comprehensive IT solutions

Support the growth of your business with our IT Solutions. We provide a full portfolio or products that include support & services. The fully supported and secure solutions are designed to help keep your data secure and your infrastructure strong.

Expert support

we have over 23 years of experience in helping small businesses succeed. Our team of IT experts provide personalized advice and tailored solutions. Easily reach us by call, chat, or email to keep your small business ready for what’s next.