Best Media Server

PrimeArray produces the best media server in the world which is having a dedicated server running applications that store and share multimedia files (text, graphics, video, audio…etc.) on demand. PrimeArray media server have network access with suitable bandwidth for the sharing and saving of media.

PrimeArray have the best media server software which stores digital media such as videos, audio, images, etc., and makes them available on a network so you can view them. It can stream any form of digital media to Network Attached Storage (NAS), smart TVs, personal computers, Apple, Android devices, etc. To use a media server, a cloud server or a computer is required, along with software to help organize your digital media. The software comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to collect and view media content at your fingertips.

PrimeArray media server devices also tailored for your business organizations network featuring features like synchronization with active directory extensive updates to security and ensuring all vulnerabilities that occur in the future patched in extremely fast manner.

PrimeArray Media servers automatically retrieve information and data from media inserted on the fly. Once any non-protected media (disc / USB) is inserted, it is imaged and indexed and shared to the network. This cooperation between client and server would not be possible with a conventional file server. Only the combination of client and server software makes media server valuable both at home and in companies. They adapt the media server very exactly to your requirements and specifications.

The work is therefore individual and exactly tailored to your own preferences. As a user, you decide which files you save, but also which programs you integrate to use the server. The media server is available at any time of day or night. 

The individual components are deliberately selected so that even continuous operation does not affect the system.

Low Maintenance and robust

Wherever moving parts are used, wear inevitably occurs. In the case of a mechanical hardware component, this can be overcome; after all, individual parts can usually be easily replaced. 

However, sensitive files are stored on the media server, so wear and tear must be prevented at all costs. The solution is a low power construction. This not only has the advantage of reduced wear and tear and a longer service life, but also means that the server is particularly economical and quiet.

Best quality in all the areas 

PrimeArray sets the standard when it comes to media servers all of our systems are only comprised of the best components on the market sourced from only the most reliable manufacturers the PrimeArray device will not let you down.

This means that no seams are visible and the server is a real eye catcher in the office PrimeArray uses only the best materials and technologies in its manufacturing process.. At the end of their long service life, the individual components are returned to the cycle. For the customer, this means that in the long run, prices are consistently fair and low 

Full control and independence 

Companies that handle sensitive data expose themselves to a certain amount of danger when using cloud systems. Complete control is taken away from you, and some of the servers used are located abroad.

This is even legally questionable when storing important personal data of customers. Our own server solution guarantees that all data is stored locally. You are always in control and know exactly where the data is located.

On a local server, protective mechanisms can be set up to prevent a data breach. The individual servers are equipped with accessories that allow installation within a server rack. This is particularly useful for companies that have their own server room.