CD Server

Servers Built to Order - The CD DVD Server is made to your requirements. Just tell us the number of discs you need to share and we will select the right processor and storage. You can also choose a rack or desktop cabinet.

PrimeArray Systems manufactures the most cutting-edge optical media server in the world!

PrimeArray CD/DVD servers are "virtual" jukeboxes and are the best way to host CD and DVD resources for users to share over your network. PrimeArray systems has developed the technology that made the conventional DVD optical jukebox obsolete with our virtual DVD / cd / Blu-ray optical jukebox systems and cd / DVD / Blu-ray optical servers.


The fastest possible access to your CD/DVD data over the network

  • Simultaneous access for multiple users -no waiting in line.
  • Access to many discs at a time -far more than you could fit into a jukebox.
  • Capacity sized to your needs, from 1 to 100,000 discs.
  • Space savings once the disc is the image you have no more need for it
  • time-saving / no more locating a CD in a big pile

Each of the CD-server systems provides unique functionality to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can select a system that contains CD-ROM, DVD-ROM readers, a DVD-Recorder, and shareable RAID hard drives. You just specify the configuration, and we will build it. For more help selecting the right CD server take a look at the following server comparison table. We also included jukeboxes attached to a network server for comparison.

The ArrayStor CD ServerArrayStor - CD Server is a network-enabled, Plug and Play (PnP) CD-ROM tower that lets you share CD-ROMs over your network. The unit operates independently of your network file servers and gives you fast, direct access to a central CD-ROM archive, using the software you're already familiar with.

Instant CD Server for Windows and OS/2 environments, the unit supports Server Message Block (SMB) over TCP/IP, NetBIOS, and NetBEUI. The unit appears as a Windows server, and you mount drives using Windows Explorer. Even UNIX users can use Instant CD Server: Administrators (or privileged users) use NFS and standard UNIX commands to mount CD-ROMs. In NetWare, Windows, and OS/2 environments, you can mount all drives so they appear as one drive letter.

Specifications - The CD DVD Server is very easy to install. If you have DHCP running on your network, the towers will acquire the IP address automatically. If necessary, you can set the IP address using the front panel or a software tool. It’s very easy. Once the IP address is set, the towers appear on the network like another server. The ones that are Apple compatible appear in the chooser. All the CDs appear as folders. Everyone on the network can share all the discs at virtually the same time. The tower is administered using a standard web browser.

Technical Support - CD-Server systems can be may seem complex because they include many different components that have to work together but Primearray is very user-friendly! PrimeArray is a resource for the engineering and integration of all your security projects. We can design your complete system so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

After purchasing your system, we make sure that it works exactly the way you expect. You can contact us for help with your installation and any technical support you may need.