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DICOM Data Migration Services from PrimeArray

PrimeArray’s data migration brings smart DICOM data migration service for legacy DICOM data migration from old PACS to new PACS with demographic/ study data from RIS, EHR, EMR, HIS and other medical information system. DICOM data migration planning and implementation is essential when health organization is replacing PACS with successor system and how to access historical data in existing legacy system. Keeping legacy archive running with an interface to new system to access legacy data means maintaining two different PACS with huge operational cost. Fortunately decision makers in healthcare industry opt for data migration to new system as it is cost-effective, timely and ensure data integrity.

PrimeArray designed DICOM data migration solution to deliver maximum data integrity. We employ proven software and applications that can handle multiple vendor legacy DICOM data that healthcare organizations are looking for DICOM data migration projects. DICOM data migration service from PrimeArray automate migration task with intelligent software offer PACS data cleansing and robust quality assurance (QA) tool with audit capabilities in every stage of migration process. Our focus in reliability and flexibility for DICOM data migration helped us to deliver a fully compliant DICOM and HL7 data migration solution ensure constant patient care through access to accurate and clinically relevant medical information. DICOM migration from many older system and consolidating data from multiple scattered system that are not interconnected often encounter data inconsistencies and data loss. Our data migration solution can track and rectify those inconsistencies with the help of real-time data scrubbing and cleansing. Choosing PrimeArray DICOM data migration, you will get an integrated data migration service with years of experience of managing successful migration as your partner.

Managing PACS DICOM Data Migration Challenges

Migration of DICOM data residing in legacy PACS always present unique challenges for hospital and migration service provider as technology behind medical imaging, information system and interoperability is evolving rapidly to accommodate more integration and cost reduction. We at PrimeArray address these challenges by designing a flexible approach of defining and managing PACS DICOM data migration. We plan every stage of migration process carefully and include custom queries, validation to monitor and control migration at every step. Our past experience suggest migration challenges can come from any angle.

  • Merging multiple archives
  • Error in patient/study information
  • Vendor specific proprietary technology for archiving
  • Processing private DICOM tag
  • Inconsistent legacy DICOM data
  • Failure to perform validation for moved data

Our careful planning and strategy for handling uncertain event within the project life cycle will help you complete DICOM data migration with less time and operational cost for both new and legacy PACS. PrimeArray will migrate highest quality RIS, EHR, EMR and other information system data after identify, categorize, select and clean for DICOM PACS migration. We generate pre-data migration report for your legacy DICOM PACS data quality. This multi-dimensional report shed light on overall condition of legacy data and give you the DNA for better planning and successful DICOM data migration.

Pre-data Migration Report for DICOM Data

Data migrated to new system is made usable as part of the migration process with varying state of compliance without losing its native format. PrimaArray data migration technology use data coercion for achieving consistency across multiplePre-data migration report assess your legacy (RIS, HIS, EHR, EMR, CVIS and other information system) and analyze and deliver informative reporting on DICOM data that includes technical and operational risk assessment of migration. Our expert will make plan of action that will have highest DICOM data reconciliation result.

Pre-data migration report will give a clear understanding of legacy DICOM data structure and integrity to locate missing information of analyzed study. Legacy DICOM data become crystal clear to customer before moving any data to new PACS giving full confidence to carry forward migration job.

Vendor Neutral Approach for DICOM Data Migration

Growth in connected information system for healthcare providers encouraging IT personnel search for more inclusive systems that can manage imaging and workflows beyond RIS and CVIS. Dermatology, endoscopy, pathology and many more disciplines need PACS to manage imaging and workflows. PrimeArray’s vendor neutral approach to imaging and workflows for healthcare information system facilitate DICOM data migration from legacy PACS. As we mentioned earlier challenge of vendor specific proprietary technology for archiving may create difficulty in DICOM data migration using legacy software environment or other vendor failed to provide pre-data migration report on DICOM data migration for legacy PACS. Vendor neutral approach enable PrimeArray to analyze legacy PACS and other information systems and build a detailed view of data contained in multiple systems. Further analysis reveal accuracy and cleanliness of legacy DICOM data.

  • Collect PACS data from multiple legacy systems
  • Work offline for uninterrupted hospital operation
  • Get true picture legacy PACS data health within your systems
  • Custom report can be generated against analysis of DICOM data
  • Optimized process for data migration ensure low level impact to customer resources

Case for PrimeArray DICOM Data Migration

We present ourselves to the customer with a promise to deliver full-service, proven technologies and processes for best healthcare data migration that meaningfully extract DICOM data, remove study level inconsistencies and migrate DICOM data into vendor neutral destination archive with maximum data integrity. We offer a dynamic DICOM data migration service that is well designed to maintain data accuracy and integrity at every step of migration process and timely implementation for low cost healthcare data management. Our expertise in DICOM data migration can overcome limitations of source data with proactive management to resolve migration challenges with legacy systems. Existing imaging and information system performance remain intact as PrimeArray data migration can directly access legacy DICOM data. Performance of input in new PACS reach maximum level with the help of multi-threaded data migration technology to simultaneously sending multiple data migration streams to destination PACS.

Once you choose our DICOM data migration, you are already taken your first step into accelerated DICOM data migration efforts. Vendor neutral approach will ensure your data security and integrity. Using our pre-data migration report for DICOM data migration analysis we will develop a multi stage project that will monitor data quality and probable matching rate to determine optimal migration schedule, study range, prioritize each step as per their function and other element of well-planned DICOM data migration. We know each DICOM data migration has unique challenges that will test our limit and every new challenge we help us innovate better solution. We are always improving our process and data migration technology to keep us ahead of the competition.

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