Pelham NH Home and Business Security Systems

Home and Business Security System from PrimeArray System now available for Pelham, NH communities. Need a reliable and smart security system? Get PrimeArray Home and Business Security System. We provide high grade security system at first rate service and price. PrimeArray bring top brands in home and business security system at your fingertip. Unlike other New Hampshire town Pelham community with 13,298 population did not see noticeable change in burglary, larceny theft and property related crime comparing FBI Crime Database for 2013 and 2015. FBI Crime Database also indicate the fact, burglary remained nearly same level for 2015. Getting PrimeArray Home and Business Security System ensure that you are in charge of your family and loved ones securities. Our Business Security System provide wide range of security device and software that can easily handle safety and security required by business of any size. We also offer warranty and service plan for our product.

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Home Security System in Pelham, NH
PrimeArray Home Security System is unique and unmatched to any offer available in the market. Nestled in the middle of two larger cities, Nashua to the west and Salem to the east, and also bordering the State of Massachusetts to the south, Pelham known as a sleepy bedroom town. Single-family detached homes are the single most common housing type in Pelham, accounting for 82.32% of the town's housing units. Our Home Security System designed in such way to satisfy security need for single family detached homes, town homes and apt. complexes. IP Camera and Video Recording System from PrimeArray will be the best choice for this kind of housing unit. Installing a Home Security System ensure that your home is safe from any burglary and property related crime consequently increasing your property value. PrimeArray Home Security System include:

  • IP camera systems
  • Door Access Control
  • IP Intercoms for Manual Door Control
  • Camera Video Recording System

We will be happy to help you choose security system and package that meet your specific needs. We will ensure that you not only get a reliable security system for protecting your family and properties but also get unparalleled value of your investment.

Business Security System in Pelham, New Hampshire
With PrimeArray Business Security System at your side your business growth is no pipe dream. Managing Legacy Security System for your business can be expensive. Don't worry PrimeArray offer unique Business Security solution to upgrade your analog system with digital one. Afraid of making large investment to replace a non-compatible analog CCTV cameras. Connect PrimeArray video encoders to your analog CCTV cameras to bring your legacy system into digital network at a minimum cost. Our popular business segment security system network attached surveillance cameras comes with accessories Lenses for Megapixel IP Cameras, Video Encoders and Camera Encoders. What are your requirements? It is essential for you to understand that a Business Security System constitutes of various devices that are needed to be compatible to each other so that they can work together as a unit. It may also require special purpose software and hardware. PrimeArray assures you to deliver all the component necessary to build your Business Security System. Our Business Security System includes:
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) System
  • Video Encoders or Camera Encoders
  • Long Range and Night Vision Cameras with Thermal Imaging
  • IP Door Readers
  • EasyWeb Software
  • Access Control Software
  • IP Door Access Cloud Control
  • Proximity and Smart Card Door Credentials
  • Analytic and Specialized Surveillance Systems
  • ECKey Bluetooth Reader Uses Your Smartphone as the Credential
  • Remote Door Access Control Using an Intercom and IP Camera
  • Complete City Surveillance System

So, don’t hesitate to contact for our assistance.

After you purchase your security system, we will ensure that it works in an exact fashion as desired by you. If you need any assistance regarding the installation of system or integration of various components or technical support of any other kind, please give us a call and we would be happy to help you.