Pikes Peak Library District Selects the PrimeArray ServStation For Sharing CD/DVD Content

Pikes Peak Library District Selects the PrimeArray ServStation For Sharing CD/DVD Content

Library patrons have reliable, streamlined access to CD- and DVD-based information when and where they need it.

September 8, 2009 Framingham, MA —Libraries distribute not just books, but digitized content on tapes, CDs, and DVDs. And today’s library patrons expect fast, easy, online access to that information.

In the past library patrons had to check out the physical CD or DVD from the library desk, and then put it into an available PC to run it. If that PC’s CD/DVD drive was malfunctioning, the user had to find another PC. “Our biggest concern is to make the patrons have a better experience and get what they’re looking for easily,” says Carolyn Coulter IT Officer for Pike’s Peak Library District.

Now, all the CD/DVD content is pre-loaded onto the PrimeArray ServStation. An exact image of the disc is stored on the ServStation’s hard drive and multiple users can access the same disc image simultaneously. Once a disc is copied to the ServStation it can be put away in a safe place. It’s a seamless experience for patrons, who simply find all the information they need online.

One of the biggest headaches for a library, or any other institution that manages large numbers of CD/ DVDs, is license management. This is a PrimeArray feature that Coulter especially appreciates: “A lot of the CDs include two or three licenses, which means that you can only have that number of people accessing them at the same time. The system monitors that. If a fourth person tries to access the information, they’re notified that it’s not available at the present time and to try back later. We don’t violate any of our licensing agreements and it’s much easier to manage.”

PrimeArray CEO John Gallagher summarized: “The ServStation is a tremendous system for storing and sharing CD and DVD content. And it’s not just the big public libraries that use our systems. For example, many school libraries, law libraries and medical libraries use the PrimeArray ServStation for sharing information. It saves time, money, and lots of headaches for any organization that needs to share information.” Details of the ServStation can be found on the company’s website: http://www.primearray.com/products/servstation/

About Pikes Peak Library District
The Pike’s Peak library district serves the entire county of El Paso, Colorado. With over half a million people in its district and over 255,000 active library card holders, it’s one of the busiest library districts in the country. The district includes 12 branches, with one more under construction. The library was recognized by the prestigious Hennan’s American Public Library Ratings (HAPLR), as 9th out of 77 library systems in its size category.

About PrimeArray
PrimeArray Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Framingham, MA. The company is focused on creating intelligent storage solutions for corporate, institutional, and educational networks. All systems are configured to meet the customer’s requirements. Visit PrimeArray Systems, Inc. at http://www.primearray.com

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