The Maxtet – The Simplest Way to Share and Load CD/DVDs

PrimeArray Systems, Inc. Releases the Maxtet – The Simplest Way to Share and Load CD/DVDs

Load up to 12 CD/DVDs simultaneously and / or Provide Direct Data Access to Your End Users.

August 10, 2009 Framingham, MA — The PrimeArray Maxtet is the simplest way to load and/or share CD/DVDs into a server, staging area or individual workstation. According to Paul Brassil, PrimeArray’s president, “CD/DVD loaders save you time and money by simplifying the management of your CD/DVDs.” The Maxtet XT is more than 10X faster than its predecessor – and the most highly efficient way to load CD/DVDs into a server or individual workstation.

PrimeArray’s customers have used the Maxtet towers for quality assurance testing of software discs, loading multiple discs into a server or staging area, providing direct access to CDs or DVDs, or making multiple discs available to a server application. Brassil emphasizes that “If you have discs to share or CD/DVD data to load onto your server then you should definitely take a look at the Maxtet.”

The Maxtet can incorporate Blu-ray drives, which means one device can handle all your discs. For database uploading applications, you can load up to twelve discs at a time rather than loading one at a time. There is no easier way to share a few CDs and DVDs. You can simply connect the Maxtet to your computer or server via a SCSI adapter and cable. Each optical drive appears as a drive letter on the workstation to which it is attached. Upgrading a certain disc is as simple as replacing the disc in the drive.

Some discs that are copy-protected cannot be loaded into a hard-disk caching CD/DVD server. The Maxtet makes it easier to share such discs because it does not require hard disk caching. Any workstation that can access the server and is allowed to view the Maxtet can access data contained on the discs. Both PCs and Macs can access the discs over a variety of network configurations.

PrimeArray’s systems are competitively priced and deliver great value. Brassil states, “Every system is configured to meet the customer’s requirements. Your system can contain as few as 4 and up to 12 CD/DVD drives.”

The Maxtet family of CD/DVD Servers and Loaders are available for purchase directly from PrimeArray as well as through select domestic and international resellers. Details of the products can be found on the company’s website:

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