MAXTET ONE introduction


PrimeArray systems Inc. is happy to announce its Maxtet ONE product. The PrimeArray Maxtet series has stood the test of time and seen many revelations and upgrades from SCSI devices to E-SATA and many forms of USB. The Maxtet is a simple effective way to latch an optical drive with great accessibility speeds to any workstation or server.

All our Maxtet systems include our signature copying software package. The software is designed to work in combination with the hardware to easily extract media upon inserting a preset task with the data and then ejected it. The software and hardware combination allows operators to easily extract media and get that data off such media and bring it to

the bring destination. An example could be a hospital that must get an X-RAY image immediately from a doctor in Hawaii. 

The new MAXTET ONE is a “single” drive unit. It offers great connectivity and features of its brother systems like the 5, 9, and 12 optical drive towers but in a smaller compact shell and comes with the signature software. 

This MAXTET ONE is designed to be an affordable option for clients and prospects who need these features but have a limited number of media to ingest and be budget-friendly. The MAXTET ONE requires a little footprint and is very powerful friendly little to no maintenance required. Plug-and-play. It offers a full-size high-speed optical drive in a small footprint. 

“We are excited that our MAXTET ONE gives us the capabilities to put the powerhouse Maxtet solution and software in the hands of anybody who could use it”  -Michael Bridgett * Production manager

The Maxtet one will be available immediately and soon be available at common e-commerce stores like Amazon.