Prime Array Systems

Primearray System’s has been building the world’s most versatile CD DVD Servers since 1999. We have helped tens of thousands of customers around the world by enabling them to share the optical media easily and efficiently.

Affordable Data Storage

We give affordable storage and distribution options for our clients’ valuable business data. Every organization, who needs to store data will find us cost-effective and time consuming. Also who need to store and share CD/DVD based information, will find that PrimeArray products tame the chaos of their CD/DVD libraries.

Why do Customers

Buy our Storage Products?

PrimeArray has thousands of satisfied customers because we take the time to listen, deliver solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and provide excellent support. When you contact PrimeArray, you will reach a knowledgeable and responsive person who will work with you to find the right product for your needs.

Customers buy our CD/DVD servers when they have a lots of data in CD/DVDs and that needs to be shared with others. Our clients appreciate us for helping them eliminating lost, stolen and damaged discs by simplifying their task of managing library of CDs and/or DVDs


Let us make searching for discs and dealing with damaged / scratched discs a thing of the past. Or Do you need help choosing the right product? Need pricing info?