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These easy-to-use servers are highly dependable and can be customized to your requirements. The CD/DVD Caching process is extremely fast and very secure. PrimeArray Server’s automatically copy, title, indexes and share instantly, make the disc available to many clients across many types of networks.


Does your organization have CDs, DVDs, or Blu Ray Discs that needs to be shared and managed?

Do you receive periodic updates that need to shared and distributed to many locations automatically?

Do you need a centralized storage system that is super easy to use with minimal amount of management?

Do your software applications need all clients to map the CD/DVD to a network drive?

Do you want to RAID protect all your precious data that resides on CD and DVD ?

CD Server Features

Automatic Load Management

Our system always monitors the number of users, when they are accessing into a CD or DVD. If the user limit exceeds, the system automatically notify the new users to try again later for providing uninterrupted service to the existing users.

Single Click Update

Subscription based media changes frequently. For all new updates all you have to do is click on the disc title in the administrative utility and load the updated media. And the system will do the rest.

Multi-access System

We save all the CD/DVDs to the hard drives. this allows multiple authorized users to get access into same CD/DVDs at the same time without any need of proprietary client software.

Let us make searching for discs and dealing with damaged / scratched discs a
thing of the past. Or
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