Standalone CD/DVD Duplicators

Features and Benefits of DupliCore CD/DVD Duplicators

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Up to 10 optical drives Make CD/DVD copies quickly and easily

The DupliCore is a stand-alone CD/DVD tower that doesn't need a host computer to operate. Through the intuitive LCD four-button panel, you can easily and quickly copy data, audio or video CDs and DVDs. Available in models that range from 1-to-1 copies up to 1-to-9 copies, the DupliCore family is a perfect fit for companies that need to produce small amounts of media duplication.

Internal 250 GB hard drive (XL Series) Easier and more convenient to duplicate CD/DVDs

With the DupliCore XL series, there is no need to use the CD/DVD drive to create duplicate discs - you can make copies directly from the internal 250GB hard drive. Store up to 500 CDs or 60 DVDs in one system.

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Continuous copying without cool down period Finish your duplication tasks sooner

No need to wait between duplication jobs - you can feed new discs into the optical drives as copy jobs are finished for efficient, continuous disc copying.

Automatic format detection, verify, and test options Simplifies disc copying and management tasks.

The DupliCore supports a wide range of administrative features, including Disc Copying, Disc Erasing, Disc Quality Testing, Image Copy Verification, Image Comparison, Save to Hard Drive (XL Series), and Stored Image Labeling (XL Series)

Supports a wide range of CD and DVD formats It can duplicate nearly any CD or DVD that you have.

Supports ISO-9660, Joliet, Rock-Ridge, High Sierra, HDF, UDF, HFS, HFS+, VCD, Hybrid, Multi-Session, Mixed Mode. Does not support copy protected DVDs.


PrimeArray's systems are competitively priced and deliver great value. As every standalone CD/DVD duplicator is configured to meet the customer's requirements, the price varies depending on the configuration. Please contact us to receive a prompt price quote.